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【COOLMATHGAMES.COM】Time to learn math✨ ☆⭒NIJISANJI EN ✧ Millie Parfait ☆⭒

Millie Parfait【NIJISANJI EN】
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The Great Witch of Calamity has arrived!
I’m NIJISANJI EN’s/Ethyria’s adorable Millie Parfait!
I’m a witch whose sole purpose is to consume all the food on earth and live a comfortable life while having fun!
Let’s be friends!

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  1. TIMESTAMPS. Thanks for the stream and the sick math skills Millie, also i'm glad you're so interested on keep learning spanish, you did great (Also thanks to those who helped with the timestamps, love y'all).🕑Timestamps (1/3)
    3:18 KonMillie~
    4:57 Everything is in flash (RIP)
    5:19 Living the life
    6:14 Lagged witch
    7:44 Lag fixed
    8:07 Ad appears as Millie tries to start the game | We love our pets
    9:24 Fireboy and Watergirl | Not even maths
    10:52 Another game | Calculate this!
    11:43 Cute laughs
    12:08 Game over | Next try
    12:49 Game over
    13:26 Game over
    14:20 Game over…
    15:10 Speedrunner strats
    15:53 Starts beatboxing
    16:07 Game over | This is difficult
    16:37 Again again
    17:45 Forbidden strats
    18:39 The longest math problems of the game
    20:07 Divided by 1 | Game over
    20:43 Sudoku time
    22:01 Sudoku it's too boring
    22:16 Ga-gacha?! | F__k rules man
    24:02 So boring
    24:25 Roasting the other players
    25:07 Next game | Batteries inside
    26:20 It's working anyway | Gremlin laugh
    28:37 Brain overload
    29:23 Next Game | Destroy numbers
    30:32 No flash pain
    30:41 What happen with this SCs
    31:10 Did you have an addiction like this? (talking about the game)
    33:22 SCs are down bad today
    34:12 Game over | Let's try another one
    34:54 Run
    36:24 Is this a math game?
    36:54 Panicking witch screams
    37:43 A fun math game
    37:58 Reminds to league, the game she can't win
    38:36 Panicking witch screams 2 | Is becoming difficult
    40:08 Refuse the death! | Panic screams
    40:48 Gaming
    41:48 Watching a Vtuber playing this
    43:43 Please clip the batteries game

  2. This whole stream was so big brain! Big nostalgia coming back with these flash games Y8 specifically! The bible and math problem segment I cannot haha! And the chaos and fun always really engaging! Amazing as always Millie! 👏

  3. It was a fun and educational live millie!
    Gl in the next stream with kaheru
    We'll be waiting for it!!!

  4. Thank you for the stream Millie!! Everything is math and math is everything.

  5. Thanks for the stream. It has been months since you last streamed this. I hope you get to play more games in cool math games in the future. I hope you'll have fun later with Kaheru. I'll look forward to your collab later! Thanks for the stream, good night, see you tomorrow, and

  6. Ahh nostalgia, glad you enjoyed some of the games in there! Run is my favorite game from CoolMathGames
    Thanks for the fun stream, hope you all enjoy the rest of your day/night

  7. Thank you for the stream boss, that was fun. I also want to say that your duck is quacked

  8. Thanks for the stream Millie, I got lot’s of nostalgic feeling on those games. Millie Tensai for sure. OtsuMillie

  9. Fun stream Millie! I never really used this website when I was in high school but it looks like there were some fun games!
    Also I looooove math! I was even considering being a math major back when I was in college

  10. That was a nice stream. Good job on playing those games on this website while talking throughout the stream. Then that bible talk, problem-solving and numbers in different languages, etc… was entertaining, engaging, and nice. Thanks for the stream, Millie. Otsumillie. See you on the collab w/ Kaheru!

  11. Thanks for the stream Millie 💛✨
    It was good and interesting

  12. Nice stream Millie 💛
    It was good and interesting
    See you 👋

  13. Thanks for the fun stream Millie! We certainly covered a lot today: math, bible study, and animal husbandry. And now that you've completed your practical training on how to do raids, we now have unlimited nootycall potential!
    Have a good night, looking forward to catching your collab tomorrow!

  14. Thanks for the stream millie! Brings me back to my childhood days😆

  15. Thank you for tonight's stream MIllie :3

  16. Thank you for the stream, Millie. This was quite the nostalgia trip.

  17. One time back in my old days, of my school friends came late to school and outright said to the teacher 'I was up late playing Y8 games' . What a madlad.

  18. finished watching parts of the stream i missed~ thank u for the stream millie!keep raising that -int of yours!

  19. Thank You I Love You Millie Parfait <3 <3 <3

  20. this stream made me remember that some games from my elementary school days still exist (DUCK LIFE DUCK LIFE DUCK LIFE watching you play duck life made me SO HAPPY-)

  21. Man this really brought back a lotta good memories. Coolmathgames was fun, thank you Millie!

  22. Am I dumb or has she been talking about an indomie stream and it hasn't happened yet? Can someone kindly explain?

  23. I spent half an hour trying to solve that long math problem you gave during the superchat reading before giving up. At one point I was able to do math like that easily, which made me think about how math really is just a skill and if you don't use it you'll forget how it works

  24. Thank you for the fun and chaotic stream (caught up to it late but managed to rewatch it)
    The whole summary of this video would be – Millie Parfait
    I don't actually know about this website but regarding my stance on math – I don't like it but when I don't think about something presented to me as math (say if it's calculating damage in a game) then I am pretty good with it. Also helps that for asian parents – they make it so at a young age you got your tables (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) down and memorized (by heart, mind and soul)
    Anyways – thanks for the stream, rest well and see you on the next one. To power and glory to our Robe Overlord

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