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  1. Jesus, the music was so loud on my end but turns out you guys could barely hear it…. that's why I was shouting so loud hahahah!

  2. I was 6 minutes late.
    All I wanted to watch,
    Is Jack who is great.
    And instead all I watch,
    Is the video.

    I just sadly blow my kazoo,
    And think what else to say,
    Because sadly I missed that live stream too.
    Oh well, might as well stay,
    To watch the rest.

  3. Make a video with becky on fireboy and watergirl love your vids

  4. Jack please tell me how to use the custom emojis

  5. Jacksmith could've been fun if you actually played the game

  6. Trolling Idea: Teleport hackers to a big box where the walls are pixel art of your face, and the room is filled with JackSucksAtLife NPCs

  7. Do friv next time – that was a childhood school thing for me =D

  8. Gosh dangit Jack why do you always stream when I'm busy☹

  9. You should Just stream CoolMathgames every Sunday. Either way I have nothing better to do with my life so I would gladly watch the stream.

  10. Next Video: "I accidently stepped on a skeppy and griefed the server"

  11. jack cant beat back on track, i am trying to beat clupstep xd

  12. we are allowed to play this on fridays in the library at my high school

  13. In one hour, around 10,000 people have sat down and watched a grown man play kids math games 😂👌🏻

    Great video lmao

  14. You need to go onto one life to raid Lizzie! 😂


  15. I had to write an essay and missed this ru joking….

  16. Today I learned that Jack can't play video games

  17. Play can ur pet in a different video, i think you’ll like it

  18. Next time Jack should play Johnny Upgrade on cool math

  19. Again jokes on you I’m wasting my Monday watching you play cool maths not actually maths games

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