ASMR but it's Jelly Truck Sounds - Coolmath Games -

ASMR but it’s Jelly Truck Sounds – Coolmath Games

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of a Jelly Truck rolling thru the Jelly World 😌
Jelly Truck available to play on desktop & mobile 👉

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  1. can you add atari centipede in cool math games

  2. Vehicles' basis:

    The Truck: 1985 Suzuki Carry + A crane's Cab (front cab)

    The Tractor: 1990 Ford 8830

    The Red Car: Unknown

    The Road Roller From Level 16: 2007 BOMAG BW-213

  3. I hold the world record for this game lol

  4. I used to play this on my grandpa’s computer, just reignited an old memory.

  5. I was depressed. my wife left me, she took the kids and the house. I was ready to give up. Then moments before this video appeared in my recommended. It changed my life. Thank you cool math games for giving me hope in this cruel world.

  6. My friend had this in his Discord "About Me" section

  7. this helped me deal with my cancer treatment and stopped me for ending it all. my wife tried to steal my beautiful kids away from me but this video convinced the judge to not let her take them. if it were not for jelly truck then I don't think that our economy could be were its at today and COVID would run rampant. currently i believe there is a link between enlightenment and jelly truck. jelly truck could be a sign or hint from god himself and maybe he is trying to communicate with us with this absolute masterpiece of craftsmanship know simply as jelly truck

  8. beautiful, just magnificent. I'm in tears

  9. i was battling depression my girlfriend left me. i filled in the void by playing jelly truck. it truly changed my life… not only that, i love asmr. Jelly truckis so jiggly red boing. I wish imef jrlly truck inreal life. Ilikedthis video on all accounts. I love jelly truxk. Mwyaaaahahaha

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