Beppi The Clown and the Astral Plane - Cuphead DLC -

Beppi The Clown and the Astral Plane – Cuphead DLC

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The Cuphead DLC features the most crazy lore connections yet! The Astral Plane, The Snow Cult, Hilda Berg. All of these characters and locations somehow tie in with one of the most terrifying creatures on the Inkwell Isles, BEPPI THE CLOWN. Equip your peashooters and spreadshot for this hunt, cause we are eating clown tonight….Cuphead lore isn’t exactly deep BUT whats there is fun to discuss and theorize, so enjoy the video! This one has been a long time in the making, and I consider it PART 2 of my Astral Plane Video Series.

Mossbags Kickstarter! ?

0:00-0:30 Last Week On Cuphead Lore
0:30-1:26 Wait Cuphead Has Lore?
1:26-4:28 Confirmed Astral Connections
4:28-5:41 Elder Kettle’s Sword
5:41-6:46 The Mausoleum of History
6:46-8:32 The Big Beppi Setup
8:32-13:01 The Astral Theory
13:01-14:05 Wait Mossbag?

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  1. Have you guys noticed how in one of the devil's attacks he has the same eyes as beppi, mortimer freeze and the 8-ball? 🤔

  2. uh, the mcu arnt dc movies, sry, great video, just wanted to point that out

  3. Something I noticed when I was fighting Chef Saltbaker was that the ingredients where powered in stars (signaling their connection to the astral plane), not only that but there is an eye on a bottle in Saltbaker’s bakery (not his fight).

  4. Glumstone the giant for example has the ability to spawn ghosts from his mouth, and he has a devil and king dice puppets he is playing with, maybe that's something? Because when he plucks his beard, or when the ghosts spawn from his mouth, his eyes turn into something like Mangosteen's eyes

  5. Tbh I never consider these things as weird because I always think that’s why they have a soul contract

  6. Cuphead is getting contracts so beppi made a deal

  7. Bro it's "Snow Cult Scuffle" not "Snow Cult Shuffle" like your saying

  8. What about sun and moon in FNaF?! Jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk

  9. 4:58
    Hey ya know i just realised
    Porkshop sells the cupbois some different potions that gives alternative shots to them, thus also tying him to this whole mambo jambo astral plane (…i think, but i just wanted to point that out)

  10. gold Week • ∞ views • 28 minutes ago says:

    I love the new cuphead lore

  11. I have an INSANE theory. SALTBAKER IS THE GOD. I think the Moon God waged an all-out war with the people of Inkwell Isles with the help of his 3 commanders: Beppi, Hilda Berg, and Mortimer Freeze. Some of the warriors of the good side included the dish statues, Ms. Chalice, who died in the war, and Elder Kettle's ancestors. Working together, they destroyed the Moon God and his particles scatter. This is where Saltbaker comes in. He walks by centuries later and sees the particles. Believing it was salt that he dropped, he puts the particles in and and is then possessed by the god. He then manipulates the cups to make the Wondertart and gain back control of the Astral Plane. Mortimer Freeze, who turned over a new leaf, tries to stop them, using the tarot cards to tell them everything. Someone else said this part about the cards that the sun meant it was great to have a new friend, the moon meaning that Saltbaker (AKA the Moon God's host) is tricking them, and the swords meant that he would try to kill the cups and everyone on Inkwell Isle. The trio defeat Saltbaker and the Moon God, sending the god to the astral plane. Saltbaker does the community service and becomes great friends with the cups. The. End.

  12. They may have fought the devil for control of the astrail plane but when they died they got bannished to the astrail plane but ms.alice is the only one who was strong enough to barely escape the astrail plane alittle bit so she could be outside the astil plane for a little bit as ghost form to find the thing that she was searching for to help her friends escape the astrail plane

  13. In ms Chalas has the ghost of her fallen comrade if she use her 3 super maybe she went to the astro plain to summon her fallen comrade

  14. I think it's it's funny how after mentioning the infinity gauntlet he said he doesn't watch the DC movies😂

  15. I swear he's doing what all language arts teachers do like there's a hidden meeting it's probably just because they could reuse the eyes over and over and over

  16. maybe beppi wants control over the plane so he can keep his soul from the devil. the deal he made was he gets power over the astral plane and the devil gets his soul. beppi being a tricky clown made a loophole

  17. When I was a kid, I used to joke in my head that the clown was the true final boss. Then I see this video come out-

  18. we have the artral plane theory but where is the astral car theory?

  19. From what I think, the reason every boss has a debt to the devil is because they made a deal with him to get their powers in exchange for their souls
    and I would think that the devil granted beppi some type of astral energy which he uses to transform into a balloon and turn into his final phase

  20. oh ms chalices double ump she leaves a circle of stars at her feet maybe that has to do with the astral plane

  21. i noticed that basically every boss with colour around their pupils, the colour is yellow. only exception i know is king dice, maybe because he doesnt have a contract? even miss.chalice because i can guess her intentions were just to become whole again without mugman knowing

  22. If eyes are connected then the carrot from the first boss could be a part of this theory as well because he has an attack where a third eye appears on his forehead and psychic energy comes out of it


  24. I have a theory on rugged ridge, Calix animi are the dish warriors, and in the cuphead wiki, it states that Calix animi means "souled cups" or, "cup of the soul, those statues are part of calix animi, now ms.chalice is a statue, a being in the Astral plane, she is tied to calix animi. And in super art III for her, she summons ghostly dish warriors. They are part of calix animi as well. Calix animi might have some sort of control on the Astral plane as a whole, the reason they died is defending it. Now cuphead and mugman also have a part in this. "Souled cups" remember that? They are cups, with souls. They might be the last of calix animi. Given they have some power over the Astral plane, given super art II. Thanks for looking at this.

  25. I haven’t caught up on the dlc lore it’s marvel no hate tho

  26. the portal in the angle devil fight looks alot simaler to rick and mortys portal…

  27. Ms. Chalice's Invincible Roll also has sparkles/ stars, which makes her invincible possibly connecting the astral plane to that move.

  28. I know that the Cuphead Show probably isn’t canon to the game, but I hope it builds on to this pre-existing lore

  29. Ok…. only issue with the video is that elder kettle got the peashooter potion from porkrind just like all the other shots

  30. I can’t join discord because the invite link is invalid or expires

  31. The vacuum in Esther winchesters fight has the word “ACME VACCUM” on it when she turns into a hotdog, Idk what that means but ok
    Edit: the hotdog ghosts also ascend to the astral plane in the death cutscene so maybe the hotdogs have something to do with it, or maybe just Esther Winchester herself being connected to it.

  32. my kid is dead now he wanted to say ill miss you

  33. Maybe the moon lured people to attack the Cup people by luring them with infinite power, Ms Chalice and the rest stopped the attack, but Ms Chalice was too strong and is able to learn or talk to others through the astral plane, and he second super shows an entire army, maybe the same army the fell at rugged ridge? I don't think any of the enemies on Rugged ridge attacked the castle but some other enemies, the devil may have also helped defeat or keep the moon at bay, and made it a rule to not practice astral powers? Meh you can imagine

  34. I feel like it's a point to mention that th sun in cuphead actively looks ALIVE and while the moon in beppi's background is actively bobbing up and down but otherwise motionless.

    Speculative fun: Chalice and her crew only petrified the moon god, leaving him in the moon to be awoken again at some future point.

    Cuphead 2 should be against the moon reawoken.

  35. I wonder if porkrind is related to the astral plane I mean he sells you powers you can shoot from your finger so where did he get them?

  36. Good theoty though fun house frazzle is that a fun house is full of fake things like cardboad cutouts and things hanging from ropes.
    Maybe it's more like a shrine.

  37. I love these theories, I love thinking about the Lore of cuphead, but no other channel I've seen has properly discussed it like this

  38. Personally I think the black and white pacifist background has a lot to do with the lore

  39. My theory is tnat the moon lets someone posses a object when they die, bepi possesed the carrosel, mortimer the snowflake but Hilda Berg tried to out smart it by turning in to the moon who was punished and weakened

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