Black and White CoolMathGames (Solo) -

Black and White CoolMathGames (Solo)

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I will be beating all 24 levels of black and white on CoolMathGames by myself.


  1. By the way everyone I might make a new channel for actual good videos.

  2. I can’t pass level 12 and I’m doing exactly what you did

  3. how do i change the colour of the blockkkk? on level 24

  4. the last level is super frustarating i ragequit after trying for 30 minutes

  5. Me: Trying to pass level 18
    Double Jump: Oh, you expected me to work? Ha!
    Also me: but-

  6. i keep doing what your doing in level 22 but i keep dying ;c

  7. I freaking can't beat 19 what the heck

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