BLACK Speedrun on Coolmath Games, Any% in 6:47:547 -

BLACK Speedrun on Coolmath Games, Any% in 6:47:547

Coolmath Speedruns
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Any% Speedrun in 6:47:547 (6 Minutes, 47 Seconds, 547 Miliseconds) of the game Black by Bart Bonte, Coolmath Games version on a laptop computer.
-Speedrun starts on the click of the play button.
-Speedrun ends when the letters after level 25 form the word “black.”

Play the game here:

Here is the leaderboard. We didn’t get a WR yet but we intend to improve!


  1. This reminds me of my carefully handcrafted poem back in my young adult years…The movies are grey.The TV is Black.The horses are running.Please give me some food.

  2. Amazing first video! The editing on this was good, I think maybe something cool that could have been done is to have a sidebar with the current level and the time for each level. This might be difficult, but it would be cool.

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