Color World Walkthrough { Full Game Level's 1-50} - Will's Gaming - Video 20 -

Color World Walkthrough { Full Game Level’s 1-50} — Will’s Gaming — Video 20

Will’s Gaming
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I have been excited to upload this video because color world brings back so much memories.

Play the game here for yourself and watch an ad for fullscreen.

Color World is a tribute to my favorite games. No copyright violation is intended.

I give credit to SilverStitch for making the game and I give the musician credit because the music is so dang great and relaxing in this game. That’s part of the reason why it is my favorite game. I do not know if this music is royalty free or will be copyright claimed but I hope either way my video won’t be taken down because it is good quality and is a 50/10 rating game in my opinion.

I apologize that Level 39-40 is really laggy but otherwise, the video is played at 30fps and that may seem low but on my monitor, it seems like it plays at almost 60fps.

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My channel focuses currently on flash games because it is shutting down at the end of 2020 sadly. Fortunately, coolmath is changing to HTML5 format so you can still play games on coolmath even after 2020. I hope coolmath does not decide to remove Color World or any of the cool games that I enjoy playing.


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  3. I was trying to find this version of ding Dong merrily on high. Finally I found it.

  4. I really don't understand how this game is copyrighted on YouTube. I wanted to uploaded this game into 10 parts but I still got copyrighted in the first 5 levels. I feel YouTube's system is screwing me up

  5. I feel a little sad that I can't play this game anymore

  6. This… This was the game I was looking for!!!!!!!

  7. Bro, I was looking for this game! I played this back when I lived with my grandma and back when we had to use neighbors Wi-Fi , but fortunately they let us!

  8. man… disscontinueing Flash officially brought Adobe to an all time low…

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  10. thank you so much i was looking for this game

  11. Opening To Run 3 Levels 2007 DVD 📀 Widescreen Version

  12. I loved this game so much!!! Brings me so much memories seeing this!!!

  13. can someone tell me the website of the game?
    i try something

  14. I remember playing this game back in my childhood years

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