Cool Math Challenge -

Cool Math Challenge

Andy Math
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I hope you guys like it!


  1. i like how almost all of the videos of andy math are named "cool math challenge"

  2. there's no way! you can't add purple root 6 to green root 6

  3. Which hair did you have cut? was it the one at the front?

  4. Not my stupid ass thinking it was 6,5 💀

  5. I used the exact same method this time. Easy.

  6. I actually knew how to solve this. Seems like I'm learning thanks to your channel!

  7. When he got 2√6 he could have just went 1,5+x+2√6+3. Then find the x and add 2√6 to it and voila.

  8. Can you solve why this should be the top comment instead?

  9. The "How exciting" should have come after the "I just got a new haircut"

  10. Done with school years ago but still love math questions

  11. I didnt solve it, but it loomks like a very easy appoach to nake a teiangle from the 3 centers and go from therre, knowing the location of the 3 and 6 circles center and a known triangles.

  12. Right triangle – as usual 😉
    Take your cap off to let us see your new haircut, bro!

  13. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had autism?

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