Cool math game: Abandoned. World record speedrun (3:44) -

Cool math game: Abandoned. World record speedrun (3:44)

Anish Pokharkar
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You guys wanted a faster speedrun time, so here you go.


  1. He already knew how to play….Because you have to get the binoculars to do the thing for the train

  2. Hey guys, hope y’all enjoyed. I probably could have shaved off a few seconds because I made some mistakes, but it was a good time so whatever. Also if you think it’s sped up or anything, you can look at the top left where it shows the time of day. What video should I do next? Most likes is the one I do.

  3. This person is smart it took me 2 days to solve this and he was like way ahead of me new subscriber for his awsomeness 😎

  4. Hi son, it's me, your father, I just wanna tell you: I'm so proud of you, just be careful… bye

  5. I just finished the game with a friend and I want a 2nd one

  6. Does anyone knows where the N is? I have all three just not the N.

  7. Sorry to spoil but at the end you can’t find his brother

    I think there’s another game

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