Cool Math Games EXPOSED (how cool math games fooled the world) -

Cool Math Games EXPOSED (how cool math games fooled the world)

Kase K
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Liars, thieves, and Cool Math Games.


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  1. I just used to use vpn to get to other sites

  2. lawson 1208 stranger things and more says:

    We use this website at school and teachers don't know what it is but they let us because it says math

  3. Xaivo sonic hero [escalator totodile]. says:

    whats with the hardcore music

  4. We had to bookmark cool math games because the teachers blocked it. The people that didn't can't go on there anymore. Some how managed to get on there then bookmarked it as fast as I could.

  5. uh exuse me
    if u didnt know the reason why its called cool math games is beacuse there used to be math games and there still is its now in a catagory called math

  6. also they have another website called coolmath4kids i think thats what its called and on that website is stuff to help you with math for school

  7. I remember CoolMath Games since I was in either 4th or 5th grade. Their games are so hella cool!

  8. at launch, it was actually about math games, then flash games got popular then became basically a flash site

  9. Except for when almost none of them were blocked school security was garbage at least at my school and I used punblocked games and agario since 2nd grade

  10. Why I never heard of that website? btw I was trying to find what cool math games is your video explained it Ty you deserve a Like

  11. in around 6th grade, at my school they blocked coolmathgames. we had to play flash games on google sites.

    also, what i did when that happened, is i went on a google sites website where there were downloads to snes/nes roms and i downloaded mario bros 3, and super mario world. i used an online emulator to play it in class.
    i had to keep it a secret to only like my friends because anyone else would just turn me in to the teachers if they saw me.

  12. A bunch of years ago when we were using computers in maths, my teacher, decided to add coolmath games to the list of math website links. Didn’t even look at it as far as I’m aware. I hadn’t heard or seen the name in years. Nobody in my class even knew what it was besides those who chose that link in particular. When I saw it, I was thinking this was a joke.

    It wasn’t.

  13. And I recommend bringing the video down before schools catch on. Not cuz I hate cool math games but because I want to maintain its availability.

  14. I didn't grow up with coolmathgames, and I thought this WAS eductational. Nowadays, in school, kids play on a REAL educational site called ABCYA.

  15. What does all of those games have to do with math?

  16. Wow I'm surprised you could even get in one game whenever I try to it takes 5 hours and at that point I don't even want to play anymore

  17. Nobody is cool but…..

    The person who created Coolmath games


  18. ikr the only game website (scratch doesn't count) unblocked is coolmathgames

  19. I remember cool math games was blocked on school computer. I found a loophole and typed in cool maths games it would let me on

  20. I remember I used to play coolmath games in 3rd grade when it was free time or something but damn this is giving me some flashbacks

  21. The genius of coolmath games is proven by the fact that I never realized this connection

  22. cool math games is the best app ever made and has the best games ever made in history

  23. The only games I play one there is run rookie bowman le chat foncs and nothing else

  24. you can just go to coolmath without games bruh

  25. bruh in 2006 i was 6 along time ago and used this website downloading flash player in 2006 and its NOSTALGIA

  26. uh ya know there is a actual math section that only has math games?

  27. i think cool math games isn't that harmful they just let students play simple game's and student's don't play on the tablets and laptops since they aren't allowed on the device very often so i don't know what's the big problem

  28. Coolmathgames was blocked on my school domain for a few months, but recently it was unblocked for some reason

  29. I played cool maths games when i was in primary school

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