Cool Math Games Literally Made Me Cry -

Cool Math Games Literally Made Me Cry

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this… this is the scariest experience of my life.
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  1. those midday games of fireboy and watergirl after lunch were ALWAYSSSS hitting different

  2. (Camille)_ vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ! says:

    those midday games of fireboy and watergirl after lunch were ALWAYSSSS hitting different

  3. ethan is just 5x5ing his way to victory. proud of you bud!

  4. I haven't taught math at my school yet, but from what I've seen, there are many strategies used now compared to when I was an elementary student. I hope it keeps on improving. You're absolutely not dumb for not being able to just do it in your head!

  5. Throwback to playing Run 2 and B-cubed

  6. As someone with dyscalculia I relate to this so fucking much…. :')

  7. Dude, Cool Maths Games was my childhood. It ended up getting banned at my primary school because people would get on it when we weren't suppose to. What a time!

  8. Ethan you've somehow gotten much worse at Math since the Unus Annus video.

  9. I had a lot of trouble doing math when I was in school all the way up to my final year so I actually found this video to be reassuring

  10. The only thing I keep thinking is that he’s picking the hardest ways to get to the answer they want you to get to 😂 we love EEF

  11. i could never play these actual math games bc i would just guess and learn patterns instead of how to do the math

  12. Ethan noooo
    the whole reason people liked this site is bc you could play non math games in class lol

  13. I laughed so fucking hard because i was also struggling to answer the questions. Basically laughing at mine and ethan’s pain of doing math 😭😂

  14. this notification excited me so bad 🤣💜

  15. Don't worry, I'm also very bad at math! I feel this on a spiritual level!

  16. this video is literally me when i was younger at the kitchen table while im gettin a math lesson but also dont understanding anything because i simply suck

  17. That stage at 3:15, I knew how to do it, and watching him struggle was so infuriating because it looked so obvious to me haha! It's like watching Mark mine diamonds with a stone pickaxe all over again!! XD

  18. You're not stupid eef!! Don't ever say that!! You're so smart in so many ways and struggling with math doesn't make a person dumb!!! Never forget you're a wonderful and capable dude,!!

  19. I'm glad I'm not the only one this bad at math… It gives me extreme anxiety lol

  20. ethan,,,, have you ever considered dyscalculia?

  21. game: how do you get 100?
    my brain: 10×10
    ethan: 5×5+3×6.7 uh, carry the one … to th epower of three-

  22. ethan your doing better then ill ever do i have adhd and autism

  23. Ethan I really think this is an adhd thing bc I literally suck at math too. I love you you’re doing great

  24. I havent watched this yet and I already have anxiety. During my adhd assessment (the 5 hr long one) my results came back as..yes I have ADHD but also I have dyscalculia. Now I personally call bullshit. I can do basic every day needs math. I can do math thats necessary as an adult and someone who works with money in my day job. HOWEVER..I do NOT remember any other math related nonsense I was taught beyond that. Why would anyone need to remember that stuff? So yeah I didnt even waste my time on that part of the assessment to spare myself the frustration and so I got an awful score. lol

  25. Don't know if you'll see this Ethan, but even if you don't, I'm sure this comment will be useful to someone. I suggest looking into Dyscalculia, it's similar to Dyslexia but with math instead of words. There are so many people that think they're "dumb at math" when they are simply at a disadvantage.

  26. This entire video is when I was in school because I am also an idiot.

  27. My fucking god i get you so much i fucking hate math, if i had to make a video like you rn i would curl up on the floor and cry for the rest of the day

  28. Don't worry you're not alone ethan 😭

  29. Do you have dyscalculia? My sibling thinks they might have it and the level of difficulty you have with math gives me that impression. Also, we love you even if you're bad at math Eef <3. And just letting you know cause I get this way too feeling like because I can't do something specific or I'm slow in certain situations that I'm just a dumbass pos so, you ARE smart Eef you're just smart in other areas ^^. And anyone else reading this who feels the same, you are not a dumbass pos just because you're bad at some things you should be good at in society's eyes, even if that thing or those things seem so basic. It's ok to struggle with some basic things. You are good enough!

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