CoolMath Games asked me to play ROBLOX with them.. -

CoolMath Games asked me to play ROBLOX with them..

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CoolMath Games asked me to play ROBLOX with them.. GET ME TO 100K ROBLOX FOLLOWERS: 🔔 Subscribe w/ notifications so you don’t miss videos!
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  1. What if jack makes jacksucksatcoolmathgeames

  2. you can make a bunch of alt accounts and follow them on them

  3. Pls play adopt me roblox and I’ll ask all of my friends to follow you in roblox and they give you a 200k 👌 okay 😉

  4. Imagine you made a JackSucksAtRoblox channel lol

  5. Votes for Jack to make a JackSucksAtRoblox chanel:


  6. To get in the star program,you will have to upload roblox vids frequently (id do it on a kid frendly second or 9th or whatever Chanel cuz of their kid friendly rules) then get in contact with them and they might send it

  7. If you make a JackSucksatRoblox it’ll be easier to keep your world record Jack

  8. I live when u said let's play something popular and u play something with 200 players there are some games with like 300k players.

  9. I finally know how to get jack to be my friend.

    time to go get his face imprinted on every shirt I own

  10. Lol make a jacksucksatroblox channel like the minecraft channel, or a fortnite one if u still play it

  11. Hey uh I could not find the jacksucksatlife thing but I'm still a big fan

  12. You notice that the cube you only get it if your in the star program

  13. what if you get to 1mil followers?

  14. 2k subs in the last 20 days… not that good

  15. Ok I will follow u tomorrow bc I can only play games for 1 hour and a half so I can't follow u now

  16. Thanks for playing Roblox I also wanted you play roblox

  17. How did cool math games not watch this video

  18. Not going to lie the only click on this video is because I saw coolmathgames on the thumbnails

  19. Does anyone know that one cool math game where these basically stick figures try to escape prison with puzzles throughout it and one of the games was at school?

  20. My teachers never knew that cool math wasn’t educational so we got to play it with them without any fussing and said that it’s ok XD

  21. The best thing was that he was wearing a coolmath games shirt

  22. this is the definition if jack recorded a video while drunk, which he defo has done…. on multiple occasions

  23. u know Dwayne he is my uncle bruh he sead your youtube name is jack suck at life but rong!!! bruh he is in south africa right now jack!!!

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