Coolmath Games Coffee shop game beaten! -

Coolmath Games Coffee shop game beaten!

The Cabbage
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I just beat the 4th hardest game in the world, I can’t even believe it. If you want to become a pro gamer like me, you must watch this video (multiple times) ,take notes and subscribe for more gaming and world records.


  1. I remember this game man it was superhard to play the first time 😂

  2. from 0:30 onwards the song is a sample of "Japanese Gum" by Her Space Holiday

  3. Anybody know the name of the song/beat that starts at 1:21 ? Would really appreciate it.

  4. 0:45 that sound is so amazing thru had videos of it but it got removed

  5. Wat is the name of this little music it's so relaxing

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