CoolMath Games: FireBoy & WaterGirl in the Forest Temple w/ Kamon Part 2 -

CoolMath Games: FireBoy & WaterGirl in the Forest Temple w/ Kamon Part 2

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  1. look up animal crosing !!!!!!!!!!! so cool

  2. I don't know why I'm commenting before the video.

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  4. You got to play run 2!!! It's so cool!!!!

  5. key on the ledge don't get both of them on there that's how are usually die and you can also Play the song Cool Math

  6. Well done on achiving level 3 on the wbsite called coolmaths games dot com

  7. When ur in 3rd grade and the teacher leaves the room.

  8. Mr.rage over a kids game wow Lil boy needs to chill out

  9. made you shod start making bad word vidos because your vary good at that

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  12. I can not here you because I just here winds from you, and stop making fun of water girl, I know you are a boy I think but STOP…..

  13. you know your videos bad when you leave a water mark at the bottom of the screen

  14. Lol people today worship this website because it’s a meme

  15. Who else remembers sitting in the computer lab/ library playing fireboy and watergirl for hours. Good times man.

  16. When I was In primary school this is what we played legit

  17. thus usthe worst gameplay i havw ever seen in ive watched minercfta gameplay in i even thought it was better noob xxdxxxdxd

  18. If you are asking me for a good game, then fireboy and watergirl is my answer. By the way, playing it on hudgames platform will be better. goldy games.

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