CoolMath Games Made A ROBLOX Account And I Am MAD!!! -

CoolMath Games Made A ROBLOX Account And I Am MAD!!!

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CoolMath, please add me on ROBLOX…


  1. This video is a joke, also I am aware that I was in a KonekoKitten Video, thanls for the support!EDIT: They added me back POG

  2. Whats that ur backround music? Its sounds funny and dummy u know? Anddddd COOLMATH GOT TERMINATED! hehe xd

  3. Its weird that your character is a kid but your voice is like a grown man

  4. O o hopefully we dont get a calculator event item

  5. Coolmathgames memories in my eyes. In 4 and 3 grade

  6. Saw ya at koneko and yes you are the coolest.

  7. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  8. How dare cmg not add you on Roblox. It’s just rude…

    Epic video, and u no looser

  9. That is such a hideous ugly roblox accunt

  10. Rykids dont be rude an you need highest subscribers
    Its impossible to getting good subscribers
    You need viral but your video has highest views like 1M
    Coolmathgames will decide to friend biggest youtubers

  11. I'm not usually one to watch videos like this, however I'm here to support you, and I actually enjoyed your video a lot as it was made well and was engaging. Keep up the great work!

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