Coolmath Games Official Trailer -

Coolmath Games Official Trailer

Coolmath Games
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This is THEE Coolmath Games dot com 🕹

25 amazing years online & still going strong 💙 love you all
Come hangout 👉

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  1. Okay hear me out, Newgrounds Rumble but with CoolMath Games characters

  2. Memories from the 2nd grade classroom 😭😭.

  3. Soooooo sleek. Good job Cool Math Games Social Media person

  4. This hits me right in the nostalgia bone.

  5. You guys were my childhood! I loved playing lots of games (mostly obscure), but my favourite, was papa louie! I would spend hours grinding to save everyone, and get every coin! Congrats on 25 year, and I hope to see you around for another 25 years, and make the next generation's childhoods just as special!

  6. damn 25 years?
    that's older than me damn GJ on staying alive this long

  7. Ah yes….the good ol Coolmathgames, another better childhood most of us had

  8. it’s like you’re bringing childhood to future generations 🥺

  9. all of my favorite games to play during school.. thank you Coolmath Games for being here for so long! I would've died from boredom if you were never created

  10. My school blocked the website I am very sad now this was my whole elementary childhood

  11. Awesome trailer! Love you cool math games

  12. Am i the only one that never played on cmg? I always see people saying that this is their chilshood but i just played on a simmilar website that i think now has viruses lmao

  13. welp hopefully the flash games can get fixed

  14. I didn't play your games, however I would always watch youtubers play flash games. Thank you

  15. coolmath games is one of my favorite websites of all time :)) it has so many iconic flash games and I was so sad when I thought you guys were shutting down due to flash being deleted! BUT THE GOATS ARE STILL ALIVE 😎

  16. CoolmathGames doesn't need an introduction why does this exist

  17. ty for making our childhood with those fun flash games ^^

  18. I remember this this in 2016 the first game I played in coolmath was papa’s bakeriea (making pies)

  19. Thank you, for having the website name “coolmathgames” so the teacher would let us on it because they thought it had to do with math

  20. Can you please make it so I can play papa loui games on my iPad

  21. So cool math games is like friv?

  22. OMG!? wow I love this website best time I ever had at school and still play it at home

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