Coolmath Games (Rest in Peace Flash) -

Coolmath Games (Rest in Peace Flash)

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Coolmath Games is a website where you can play free “educational” games. You mainly play on this if you’re at school and have nothing to do during a study hall.

Thanks for watching!

Special thanks to my dad for doing the audio mixing and to my sister for recording the scene where I’m outside.

Music Credits:
“Apotos (Day)” – Sonic Unleashed
“Werehog Battle Theme” – Sonic Unleashed
“Toad Town Ghost Town” – Paper Mario: The Origami King
“Casino Night Pinball” / “Casino Night (Act 2)” – Sonic Generations
“1PM” – Animal Crossing New Horizons
“Shy Guys Finish Last” – Paper Mario: The Origami King
“Hop Battle Theme” – Pokémon Sword & Shield
“Pac Toy-Box (1 Minute Loop)” – Pac-Man Championship Edition 2
“Riders of the Light” – Bayonetta
“Dragon Road (Day)” – Sonic Unleashed
“Tropical Resort (Act 2)” – Sonic Colors
“Jetpack Joyride Main Theme” – Jetpack Joyride

Sorry, it’s been so long since the last video. I didn’t think I was going to start making videos again, but here we are. I have plans for the next video, so it shouldn’t take half a year to make.

Well, that was a complete lie.


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