Coolmath Games: Tiny Heist - Escaped with 127 Gems -

Coolmath Games: Tiny Heist – Escaped with 127 Gems

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This took so long lmao
Run/Video details:
-This recording starts on floor 3 because a strategy I used requires me to find a drill/bomb somewhere on the first 4 floors. They only spawn around 20% of the time, and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of constantly deleting screen recordings when I didn’t find one. So I got a drill on floor 2, then started recording on the next floor.
-The “Clipchamp” watermarks you see are a result of me using their editing site.
-My previous best was 117 Gems
-Any cuts you see are a result of bathroom breaks or me cutting out my “thinking time,” as I have to make quite a few difficult decisions
-Sometimes my edits say “coins” instead of “gems”
-Sorry about no audio, just listen to music of your choice while watching 🙂


  1. bro thats crazy ive had to grind to get 37 gems lol

  2. Just so you know, you could’ve shot a single terminator when it spawned on the staircase to block it, giving yourself infinite time and saving ammo. The death splat left behind works similarly to the banana in that it deletes the staircase when it appears. I’m still impressed though, I could never get that many gems. Oh and also due to a bug helix wing doesn’t give you gems…

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