Craziest Company Policies -

Craziest Company Policies

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  1. Imagine going to an apple store and asking is this the brand new s24 ultra… 💀

  2. Not surprised about the coffee/tea ban. Working in healthcare I once yawned in between patients and a patients family member I had never even seen before came up and berated me for yawning 🥲 not allowed to be human, must always be caregiving machine !!

  3. I usually grease my penis before I go to bed.

  4. wakey wakey, wakey wakey, it's time for sambucha

  5. So in order to work at ambercrombi or however tf it's spelled you have to look like a douchbag?

  6. customer sales at onebestway on fridays 📈📈

  7. Next time I walk into an Apple Store i’lll call the iPhone a Samsung phone hehehehha

  8. Who the hell would call an iPhone a jPhone?iPhone?

    That Amazon rule no longer exists. They changed that rule during the pandemic.

  9. As a nurse no coffee for nurses is like…the best way to start a riot

  10. "Lazily calling". Employee needs to ask a super simple question to another employee/manager now need to stop the task they are doing so they can wander around trying to find said employee. That makes perfect sense and yes I know from experience

  11. bring back the tank tops 😢

  12. Can I bring my inhaler? I have Athsma
    Amazon :NO!

  13. I remember I applied at American Apparel and they took my photo. I ended up getting an interview and was offered the job but I ended up getting unemployment and took that instead from my previous employment.

    Also, the ppl there aren’t all that attractive to begin with. 😂

  14. Abercrombie and Fitch only have attractive people working the sales floor. Especially, you’re a blonde and blue eyes. And have the unattractive people working in stock room.

  15. Amazon not allowing items they don’t sell on the warehouse floors is ridiculous.

  16. im going into an apple store and call everything Samsung

  17. Max it's Friday what are you going to wear to work
    Am going naked 😅☠️

  18. Imagine getting rejected from American apparel 💀💀💀💀

  19. If you fall into the nets at TopGolf the employees aren’t allowed to help you out -ex TG employee

  20. I worked in an Apple Store for two years. That’s absolute nonsense nothing like that was ever said to anybody 😂

  21. "Naked Fridays which employees actually loved"

    "Pretty cool right" 💀💀


  23. So I can walk into an Apple store and say "hi I would like to purchase this Android please" and they won't do anything

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