Dapper Reacts - Max0r - An Incorrect Summary of Elden Ring | Part 2 - gameserbs.com

Dapper Reacts – Max0r – An Incorrect Summary of Elden Ring | Part 2

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  1. I do believe that in the making of this video, max0r actually hit layer 15 on his editing software lmao

  2. Margit isn’t morgotts brother he’s just a clone made out of morgotts power

  3. Nice reaction but i suggest you to raise the volume a little bit

  4. The last song Max0r used in the Rykard boss fight is called "Operation Pyrite", which is found in the mobile wave-based tower defense gacha game known as "Arknights".That's not the only gacha game song he used in that video.

  5. from what i remember he said he edit like 8 hours everyday for 30 sec of a video
    so yeah half a minute per day

  6. Dusttin Bowerman did a interview with Max0r on his channel a month ago, you check it out there.

  7. Max0r has said that he played through elden ring 3 times during the recording of this video.Some things were just because some recordings had different armor on, so he had to replay with the correct armor for continuity. and also get some nice shots for his bossfight edits.not only is he a fucking machine when it comes to editing, he's also thurough with his recording… like… imagine going back and killing half the bosses in the game, just cus in one fight the armor was wrong for the "storyline" he's trying to tell. 😂

  8. Maxor did an interview with the Vtuber named Lumi. Give that a watch.

  9. I hope someone in the future hires Max0r as their editor for a show or a game, at least for a demo or trailer or so – would be totally hilarious and unique

  10. If u have played/play genshin you could watch his genshin review on your own time or react to it, even if you havent played genshin i still think you should watch it.

  11. This isn't anything to do with maxor but please react to more songs from eve, the guys that did the first Jujusu kaisen op, they honestly don't miss and nearly all their music videos are animated and alot of their music videos are better than some of the best anime ops. They are so good.

    Edit- here are some of, or alot of my favourites:

    – night is faint
    – living idly and dying as if dreaming
    – how to devour life
    – LEO
    – Dark night
    – last dance
    – Tokyo ghetto
    – as you like it
    – dramaturgy
    – demon dance tokyo
    – kaikai kit and (Adam by eve ver.) <– full version of what you reacted to, with an amazing music video
    – Taikutsuwo saienshinaide
    – henhouse

    Also some of them don't have an English version of the name in the title, but searching up the words in listed should make the videos show up.

  12. 13:39
    The blower?
    And Maxor in the background: "with how fucking big it is"


  13. I would love to see more Max0r reaction ♥️

  14. Can't blame you, i thought it was Lilypichu too at first lol

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