death battle fan made trailer- coolmath games vs newgrounds -

death battle fan made trailer- coolmath games vs newgrounds

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  1. Christopher Macgrath (Inactive channel) says:

    Noice trailer. Newgrounds FTW

  2. Newgrounds stomps
    My childhood gets stomped

  3. Rooting newgrounds,tho i also love coolmath games too

  4. Newgrounds ftw because they have Henry and hank

  5. Coolmath games only have kid games while newgrounds have adult games

  6. Newgrounds win since they have Henry and hank

  7. Surprisingly close

    Newgrounds FTW

  8. I think Newgrounds FTW, but this talk about uni to multi Fly Penguin is weird

  9. can you do Tank man vs scratch cat

    bc newgrounds and scratch are kida same

  10. Newgrounds FTW
    Idea:Zombies vs Mobs(Minecraft vs plants vs zombies) 🙂

  11. New ground is but to epic to win but epic mean newground claps

  12. What is this about uni to multi penguin, I'm genuinely curious.

  13. Newgrounds ftw

    Also do ryuk vs Lord death

  14. Can’t believe you forgot raft wars 😡😡.
    In all seriousness even though I have many memories with Coolmath sadly Newgrounds stomps.

  15. Coolmath Games FTW
    Since I played coolmath games more then Newground back then

    Also am pretty sure is a close match I think

  16. Idea: video brinquedo vs the asylum

    (2 movie studios that rip off other films)

  17. Do Cool Math Characters have any feats and powers besides MFTL+ speed?

  18. Newgrounds because we'll they have Hank and we all know how strong Hank is

  19. So one of my childhood memories is going to die huh

  20. Christian’s Edits And Stuff Review says:

    Rooting: Cool Math Games
    Betting: Newgrounds
    Newgrounds (Sadly) FTW
    Sorry Cool Math Games 😞

  21. Cool Math Games FTW (because I love me some "Cool Math)
    But come to think of it what's the line-up for both sides (I'm assuming the peeps shown) since if that's the case Learn to Fly Penguin, Runner, and Duck Life Duck are like the only one's who could save this team…

    Learn To Fly Penguin has like Uni/Multi AP apparently but I have no knowledge on that nor their other feats. Duck Life Duck should just scale to the rest of the Ducks (such as the Duck God for DL4 who tanked a volcanic eruption) + actually has weapons in other Duck Life Games (though would likely just get haxed to death and prob blitzed since their speed feats aren't that good), and Runner is MFTL+ but doesn't actually fight in game, or has AP feats… so oof.

    While New Grounds Team seem too just to be haxed out the wazu with most of them being able to blitz the cast, including taking out other heavy hitters such as Duck From Duck Life.

    Regardless it's prob an interesting debate (especially if add in say Monkey from BTD) but overall "Wow that was pretty cool"

  22. Sadly, Newgrounds has some characters who stomp the penguin aswell, F

  23. Two of everyone's childhood websites will fight, I don't know much of coolmath games, I only know tankman pico henry stickmin and hank and don't know about the rest but I know chef guy fire and water and duck but I did play duck but that's a different story

  24. i like newgrounds VS ROBLOX more but NG FTW

  25. Newgrounds got the eddsworld crew who stomps coolmath

  26. Score:Tales Of Coolmath Newgrounds

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