Does CoolMath Games still work in 2021? -

Does CoolMath Games still work in 2021?

Crispy Concords
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i speedrun cool math games (without adobe flash)
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Welcome to 2021. The first video i’ve decided to make is me attempting to speedrun Cool Math Games gameplay. This was a nostalgia overload re discovering all these classic games like Bloxorz and 8 ball pool. Adobe Flash shut down but the site is still up & running!

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  1. play the original "There Is No Game" game

  2. you can move the platform on there is no game brick game

  3. Why is it called cool math games if nobody plays the math games on it

  4. f😪😪😪😢😓😩😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. I used to play there is no game in school and me and my friend beat it 4 times its fun you should've picked no

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