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exposing my Tik Tok Likes

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  1. The max anyone has spent on me is $10, but thank you for the kind words!

  2. When my aunt had chickens they would sleep in her tree. Idk why

  3. haven’t seen a single “thas a frog innit?” comment. disappointed

  4. ethan: "they're flying! i didn't know chickens could fly!" ( 4:56 )
    me: "they're not flying! they're falling.. with style."

  5. 2:43 Bruh he doesn't just look like all the Peter Parkers, he literally has the smae voice as Andrew Garfield + the fricking accent he had for Peter, bruuh

  6. Wait ive been away for a while are ethan and mika back together or??

  7. now imagine how people would've reacted if people from a different religion started singing and dancing on that plane. I am not religious at all, but I for one cannot stand jesus worshipers, especially when they force people to endure their antics.

  8. “…uninterrupted white noise….” Baby: “yeah fuckin right”

  9. The shoebill and chicken clips are basically why dinosaurs are terrifying

  10. and that's how you make melted cheese on a plate.


  11. I just want to know what that creepy ass bird puppet thing was. We saw it twice and NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT

  12. i used to rock the Oasis kicks in middle school. 😎

  13. shoebill birds look and sound so terrifying istg it triggers my fight or flight response but they are apparently really sweet and friendly

  14. 1:43 "whoever's editing, put a timer for how long he holds this note"

    *proceeds to not post clip at all

  15. Oof, the humor of this is super hilarious

  16. Modern meat chickens have been bred to have massive chest muscles to produce more breast meat. Breeds with more natural proportions are perfectly capable of short bursts of powered flight! That clip gave us some impressive gliding action too.

  17. I need to know why anyone would spend $20 on basil

  18. I tried the cheese thing its good just you feel like shit after

  19. "God doesn't exist. F*ck off!"
    -crankgameplays 2022

  20. Ayyyy shoutout to grays world i know him and he’s cool irl too 🙂

  21. Me, old enough to buy cigarettes:

    My mom: "can you pick me up some Marlboro red label 100s?"

    Me, 8 years later, earlier today: still unable to say it to the clerk :')

  22. i see eef is wearing the julien x holo taco nail polishessssss

  23. so sad that kid is eating melted cheese instead of a real meal

  24. “Little dummies”?? Ethan those are American girl dolls lmao

  25. I'm so glad that I wasn't the only person who saw the ferret taxidermy thing

  26. I have an actual phobia of mascots and 7:43 was actually my worst nightmare. I accidentally paused it when I saw it so that made it worse

  27. these types of videos make it feel like i’m sitting in the same room as ethan

  28. chickens actually cant fly, they can simply glide for a few yards. since they adapted to being on the ground. Because all of their food is basically on the ground. If you look at..lets say a falcons feet, you can see that they have feet for perching. While chickens have different type of feet, not ideal for perching and I am sure it would end up hurting their feet.

  29. No bc the venmo thing sucks. I went to a party that my other friend didn’t know about and he found out I was there through venmo….. then he got mad at me. It was so fucking stupid

  30. I'm pretty sure that some farms and/or petting zoos clip the wings on their chickens to prevent them from flying. I'm sure that better alternatives to wing clipping are out there, but big companies are not known for choosing anything but the cheapest option.

  31. 2:41 can someone please explain what this guy means by “not for me”??? cuz i really don’t get it

  32. was ethan talking about jcs criminal psychology . probably not but i love them

  33. Is nobody going to talk about how EEF, OUR EEF, met TOMMY FREAKING INNIT in CALIFORNIA right before Tom met CHARLIE D'AMELIO?????

    The old generation has met the new, my friends

  34. Ethan, you don't have to worry, shoe Bill storks are some of the gentleness birds in the world. They treat humans with much kindness, it's a little weird. But they are very gentle when that is their intention. They just look like creepy dinosaurs, cuz they're descended from creepy dinosaurs.

  35. melted cheese on a plate looks good 10/10 tutorial

  36. I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone in my terror of shoebill storks. They are horrible and awful and terrifying.

  37. I wonder if Purple Possum thinks that Chainsaw Massacre show is an instructional DIY video because….

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