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Flash Friday – Coolmathgames.com

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Follow me on this journey as I walk down the history of CoolMath to find one of the greatest flash sites in our history, Coolmathgames.com. This whole experience was significantly longer than I anticipated so I hope you find it as intriguing and meandering as I did.
Developer: CoolMath
Year: 1997
Genres: Everything Cool, but a lot more Math

If I cannot find links to the games on the developer’s websites, my default will be Kongregate.
Link to Coolmath Games:
Link to Coolmath:
Link to Wayback Machine:

Intro Music: Cat Out of the Bag by Absofacto
Outro Music: Feathers by Absofacto

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  1. What a roller coaster of emotions. Joy from seeing Coolmath alive and well, sad from seeing Spike grow, stagnate, and die, and then happy knowing Tayshia will find love.

  2. This is how cool math exactly looked like
    In 1997

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