Game Theory: FNAF, Thanks For The Memories -

Game Theory: FNAF, Thanks For The Memories

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Well, here it is, my last FNAF theory. It’s been a WILD ride over the past decade of overanalyzing, theorizing and toe counting and to be honest… I loved every second of it. Today’s theory attempts to give closure to over 10 years and 60 theories worth of thoughts. I wanna talk today about legacy, not just my own but Scott Cawthon’s as well, and how through one small choice he not only changed my life, but he changed the ENTIRE world!

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  1. 27 now
    Was 15 when I found the channel
    And now I can’t believe I gotta close this chapter 😩😩😩

  2. Thank you for being here you are a legendary person but remember it’s a theory game theory

  3. Thank you mat and fnaf. Both will always hold a place in my heart and forever be apart of my and so many other peoples life’s.

  4. Thank you MatPat for all of the theories. 🫶 grew up on these were some great past times.

  5. Mappat thank you for ruining my childhood since 2011😢

  6. If it’s all just a theory that means matpat leaving is just a theory right?

  7. According to Danno Cal Drawings. FNAF was inspired by Chuck.E Cheese. The owner of Chuck.E Cheese was inspired by the Enchanted Tiki Room in Disney World. To that means that technically Disney created FNAF.

  8. The world was a slowly disappearing lake. Fnaf was a shovel. Scott grabbed it and dug a channel to bring new water.

  9. Thank you Scott, Thank you Matt. 🙂

  10. This is the perfect ending to the fanf section
    I really hope that the movie brings back the physical sxf department,

  11. Can't believe that this is the last game theory from you Mat gonna miss u

  12. I just realised Scott Cawthon caused me to meet my girlfriend.

  13. Matpat i will miss you ive been watching your videos since 2016 and you make me entertained everyday.

  14. I never really thought of fnaf this way, the impact it’s had is actually insane.

  15. Dude MatPat Taking Over My YT
    I dont even know who is he?!😐

  16. I've only been a theorist for three years, otherwise I've just seen your videos around, but fnaf has got to have been the most formative part of my life in the past three years and it's all because of you. I had heard of it, my friends liked it, so I knew it, but when I watched your playthrough of fnaf security breach and your theories, I was hooked on line and sinker. thank you for this.

  17. someone buy me Freddy's songs as they got theories like

  18. Withered Bonnie: Thank. MatPat: What is this game🤣.

  19. Istg, you were my childhood matpat. It's sad seeing you go, but I'm also very how the channel will take off with tom. I wish you both the best of luck! As well as the others who are taking over the other theory channels. I'm glad you were a BIG part of my childhood. You will be missed. But again I hope the best for you and your family. Very excited to see tom as the host too!

  20. waitwaitwait… Indigo Park's gonna be cool I think-

  21. The special cursed Fnaf Theory intro as a send off was amazing.

  22. My heart goes out to Scott. What an amazing person, genuinely.

  23. I have never watched him but it is hard to see him go

  24. Note for ARG theorists: Saturday, March 9 in green. Does anything happen March 9th 2011?

  25. HE DIDNT

  26. ich finde es geil dass Dufix in einer der letzten Matpat Theorien ist

  27. I'm actually really looking forward to Tom taking over!

  28. Yo matpat your the reason FNAF is popular

  29. Imagin on april first hw comes back wich wont😢

  30. why he will stop doing vides? can anyone explain please?

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