Game Theory: The Cool Math Games ARG Goes To Some Dark Places... -

Game Theory: The Cool Math Games ARG Goes To Some Dark Places…

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Do you guys remember CoolMath The website that everyone was able to sneak onto during class because it had “Math” in the title? Cool Math Games is home to some classic flash games that will take you RIGHT back to your middle school days, but more importantly than that… it’s home to a new ARG that has all sorts of twists and turns, so let’s all grab our calculators because something here doesn’t add up!
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  1. Why not a Theory arg through your channels based through intros like the evil is corrupting them from the prople you talk about

  2. bro ruined my whole fun website in 19 minutes and 29 seconds

  3. Am I the only one who laughed there head off with the song?

  4. Omg I’ve played the game! It’s what I thought if while you were describing the game. I kept running out of lives and had to keep restarting. I never finished because the class I was in ended.

  5. me over here thinking of beauty and the beast:

    matpat: SATAN

  6. Honestly when I played Cool Math Games and saw this, I instantly thought, "I wonder how long it'll take MatPat to make a theory video on this.

  7. Yo when is the new brawl stars video?its basically an arg at this point with all the secret videos lol

  8. Day 1 of asking Matt patt to do a theory of bloons td 6

  9. I saw a game theory yakuza video and thought it was real I'm sad now that it isn't real😢

  10. Ok that ARG comment about the video makes me think you probably have your own ARG cooking up

  11. I actually remember playing this arg game on coolmath. It was one of my most exciting moments, knowing I actually contributed to solving this arg.

  12. I didn't know anyone else knew about this. I play cool math games when I get bored so I got to see them build this whole thing. It was really cool coming back to more information each day.

  13. I cant be the only one who feels like theres something missing? You have 6 red balloons and 6 black. What are the last 6 items if you want to form 666?

  14. The chorus should become their theme song at the intro now

  15. Nah that intro went hard ngl! Also I love Cool Math Games so much!

  16. What about the light path?

  17. Before MattPat got to the parallels between the beast in the game and The Beast of the Book of Revelations, for some reason I was thinking of The Beast (real name of Adam) from Beauty and The Beast. That kinda led me to thinking about having a twist on the common formula of a game having a mind of its own and a sentient entity trying to escape from it that is actually benevolent.

  18. Id love to see a theory on google classroom and how its a modern day slavery trading cycling thru classes doing work

  19. Ahh, the nostalgia of playing papa Louie 2 and awesome thanks 1&2. The memories…

  20. The song is like an old school sitcom theme! I luv it!!!

  21. hello matpat i dont know what channel you would post this on but you should do an ateez lore video! it would be incredible and atinys would adore it.

  22. I have not watched this yet


  23. Should matpat make a music theory channel in honor of the new song?

  24. @GameTheory Do a theory on brawl stars and what happens if you click the camera in the lobby

  25. why was i just thinking of this, been playing on there again and i was like oh haha would be funny if there was some scary cryptic game on here.

  26. I was looking so hard to find someone else who knew about the arg when i first found it even checked reddit

  27. “Everything I touch crumbles and turns to fnaf”

  28. We got a theory on coolmathgames before gta6

  29. I Loved this Theory ♥️♥️♥️🎈🎈🎈

  30. So this is why cool math games is blocked at my school

  31. 🤯 BRO I was like hey that sounds like stupendeom then I say natuki and I was like doki doki+ sounds like stupendeom = definitely stupendeom

  32. Just something about Revelation. 666 isn't a literal mark in the sense of numbers. The importance of that is 2 things. 1) In the bible 3 represents the perfection of God. 7 represents the completion of his creation. 6 is the number of man. The repeatition of the number is a trait from culture back then that emphasizes the fact/truth/completion/worship of something. How the angles cry out is Isaiah "Holy, Holy, Holy" 2) with this understanding the mark of the beast "666" is a mark that spits in the face of God raising man up to the level of worship. It will be a physical mark, not necessairly the number, but the impirtance is that the mark will be tied to the following, worship, and diefying a man in God's place.

  33. My middle school childhood has finally made it to my YouTube childhood. I feel complete now lol

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