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Home (Coolmathgames) – Main Theme [Wicked Wails and Worn Walls] Extended

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The music that plays in the HTML5 game Home by Coolmathgames, extended to 10.5 minutes.
Original song: Wicked Wails and Worn Walls by Connor Grail:

Developed by: Coolmathgames
Composer: Connor Grail

Play on Coolmathgames:
Or with Flashpoint:


  1. Can you upload music from the online game SpongeBob Frosty Fling?

  2. Do extended music of Johnny Test: Gravity Pants, please?

  3. I'm not sure if kizi still works 😨

    Can you do an ost of Dynamons all series

    1: Main and Battle theme

    2. Main, and Battle theme

    World: Main, Winter dale(?), and Stadium battle theme

    Evolution: Title screen, Tutorial, Menu, Battle, Boss theme, Stage clear (both normal and tutorial)

  4. Ive been looking for this song for years (on and off, mostly off lmao), so happy I found your loop video

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