How I Became Mutuals with Coolmath Games -

How I Became Mutuals with Coolmath Games

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This will forever remain the greatest day of my life.

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This isn’t a Minecraft but, water rises or lava rises or any other Minecraft 1.16 challenges like that, but this time I played on my Minecraft viewer anarchy server and built the Coolmath Games logo. This is a Minecraft video where I speedrun logo building. I am challenged to build in Minecraft and my community helps me build.


  1. Still so amazed that y'all did this 💙

  2. “Passed health and safety inspection” arrow hits the sign

  3. no one is a bigger simp for cool math games than rin

  4. Hello yes, I only had time to check this now, because I was procrastinating my procrastination 🙂

  5. I didn't know you had a youtube channel !?
    Anyways new sub 😄

  6. this is the biggest flex i've ever seen, i am incredibly jealous

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