How I Became the Best Chess Player on Cool Math Games -

How I Became the Best Chess Player on Cool Math Games

Bobby BoJanglles
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  1. You could’ve just forked the rook and queen on c6

  2. Man just play minecraft

  3. I became the best player to play blunder games by buying 5 chess courses of Gotham and liking all his videos and blundering my queen 7 times in 10 moves

  4. I used to play on coolmathgames all the time during school

  5. 3:37 i think Qh7+ was better and then take black's Queen with your Rook

  6. I play "coolmathgames" like how many blunders I have made in my last 10 games and I gave the answer corret:♾

  7. Technoblade fans please🙏
    "Lengends never die"

  8. I think at 0:00 best move was closing the laptop and sleeping

  9. Yo Bobby remember when u played Fortnite. We need that again

  10. That second opening had me dying 😂

  11. Bobby BoDanglles Slaughters Children Live On Camera

  12. you are not the best chess player on cool math because I play on there. If you ever see someone play 4 min + 4 sec that me. happy to have a match

  13. In time 00:55 second, you missed insane check mates in 3 , instead of knight take rock . Play Q,C2 ,, and with this move you force into mate in 2 that can not be stopped.

  14. Yess play roblox chess next, kids are actually so brain dead on there

  15. Bobby what happened to all your old fortnite videos man 😭 I used to love watching them

  16. I just wanna know why coolmath games has their own server for multiplayer and why there are 2000 players on it

  17. the most less viewed videos of bobby are of fortnite

  18. bro u missed the mate in the last game take knight with pawn then check with queen then mate

  19. Bro casually has the national anthem playing in the background 💀

  20. I was the best math mayhem player getting 2100- 2400 on both multiplication and addition. Only when i was in 6th grade.

  21. I've known u as a good player, so I really wish that u r not cheating

  22. In second game could won his queen with check then taking his queen with rook

  23. in the end, instead of trading the rook for a bishop, just put the king in front of the pawn and both bishop and pawn are stuck. black has no real counterplay afterwards.

  24. Am I the only one who see mate? 1.R8f7 2.Bf8 3.Rg7 4.Rh6

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