How to Perform Level 30 Skip (30 Clip) For OvO Speedrunning! (Coolmathgames OvO Glitches 1.4) -

How to Perform Level 30 Skip (30 Clip) For OvO Speedrunning! (Coolmathgames OvO Glitches 1.4)

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In this video, I will show you how to skip level 30 using glitches in Coolmathgames OvO! This is one of the best skips to use for an OvO speedrun, as it saves over 10 seconds on one level (super good for this game). It is one of the single most powerful skips, along with 10 clip, 31 skip, and 36 clip. Totally a life saver.

My setup may need some adjustment depending on how laggy your computer is/the hz of your monitor. My monitor runs on 60hz for OvO, but if you play on a higher/lower hz, the timing of when to slide will be different because the speed at which you slide down the wall will be different.

FOR 165hz (I sometimes do this)
Slide when the purple thingy crosses the THIRD spike instead of the second.

Slide a little bit after the purple thingy crosses the second spike.

You slid too late, and were too high for the clip. Slide earlier to get lower down.

You slid too early, and were too low for the clip. Slide later to be higher and hit the sweet spot.

YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO UWJ TO DO 30 SKIP, if you don’t know how to do that, watch my video on it:


Also, my setup involves turning HITBOXES ON. You can do this by going to the settings menu and turning on advanced mode. After that, go into the game, pause, and click “toggle debug.” Alternatively, you can press F2 on your keyboard. I also made a video on this if you are still confused:


Playlist for my OvO tutorial videos:

Wanna chat or have further questions? Join my discord:

Website to play OvO 1.4 without ads:

Website to play OvO 1.4.4 without ads:

My Channel! Pls subscribe so I can get to 1k! Super hyped for that

Intro – 00:00
Step 1. The Clip- 00:48
Step 2. The Jump – 02:48
Full Run in Action – 04:13
Outro – 04:34

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  1. Yo todi, is it the same route on ver 1.4.4? btw the discord link in desc is expired

  2. Yooo u actually did it!!, I would say 10 clip not gate but estate is easier than this, if u are on 1.4.4 but if u are on 1.4 it’s a lot more difficult

  3. I would love a tutorial on level 33 skip!!!! I can’t seem to get the timing right

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