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  1. Good to see my little joshy help finish carson's thumbnail.

  2. "jawsh" is so happy when he plays his bloxors, what a sweet little "boy"

  3. I'm enjoying the infomercial arc Joshua 👍

  4. Man i cant believe altrive passed away, that guy was such a gamer. RIP

  5. Remember when this guy wore a green suit and said hes gay? that was pretty cool I think

  6. Jawsh’s setup makes him look like Linus from that one image

  7. i dont have channel is the name of this there are no videos says:

    He's in jermas old house. Literally copying jerma.

  8. Why is Jawsh turning into vinesauce Joel😂

  9. Hi Jawsh! Ty for the video 🙂 (you too editor <3)

  10. litterally stole Carsons stream. the only difference is his face is in the thumbnail.

  11. I've never heard Jawsh laugh so hard about a nice young black man simply playing basketball

  12. He played coolmathgames for 5 minutes then GAVE UP

  13. Guacamole Gamer Fart 9000 was TheRussianBadger's custom flavor. If Jawsh starts having gamer supps as a sponsor he could get his own as well.

  14. Why is jawsh allergic to placing a second monkey dude im screaming

  15. The ad part killed me. I am dying. Send an ambulance.

  16. My school banned Cool Math games

    I can't believe we live in 1984

  17. The flavor “Guacamole gamerfart 9000” is from the YouTube russianbadger

  18. Why do people think that calling black people black risque or rascist

  19. The commercial is just a basketball player named Russell Westbrook telling you to use the bank that he does

  20. If he has friends and goes outside why is he the same color as his doors

  21. I signed up for coolmathgames and got bloons instead Sadge

  22. “I’m not a vir- turbo virgin like you guys”

  23. I think the guacamole gamer fart was quite an elaborate joke. I think he knows exactly where it comes from

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