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  1. Jawsh is literally the most underrated guy on yt and twitch

  2. young black men dribbling basketballs is against Twitch TOS apparently

  3. Yesss this is what I've been waiting for babeyyy!! WOO!!

  4. As a youtube frog, I'm so happy we're finally getting some good content

  5. Jawsh said "I'm not a turbo virgin" implying that he is either a Giga Chad or a normal virgin

  6. i am very disappointed that jawsh would do this. still a fan though despite what has happened i'm still rooting for him.

  7. Jawsh, this video makes me extremely happy!! Big W for your fanbase here.

  8. does anyone know what that one ad was? I need more context

  9. Yoooo “Jawsh” finally did a cool math games video

  10. Guacamole gamer fart was made by TheRussianBadger on youtube

  11. Man I didn’t know “Jawsh” was so good at math

  12. I must know where Jawsh stands in the political compass

  13. He did that thing where he played that one monkey game where your goal is to pop balloons and each balloon gets stronger every round and you can upgrade your monkey to be stronger and do some "wacky" and "crazy" stuff which you can purchase with banana's because monkey's love banana's which apparently makes them stronger and activate their monkey rage and their hatred on balloons. Now thats a crazy game

  14. Damm Jos why are you doing a Carson bit smh

  15. Who will win, Fidget Spinner Friday or Black Man Basketball?

  16. jawsh's thumbnails are so similar to each other I thought this was an old video

  17. how fucking dare you say people from Seattle are terrible widePeepoSad

  18. Jawsh has gotta be god stone Tod the best thogurbers gon the platform

  19. i like listening to Jawsh talk maybe one day i'll watch his stream

  20. Jos wearing the shirt and headset at the beginning looks like he's giving a TED Talk

  21. so based that jawsh wants russian badger in prison for the guacamole gamer fart flavour

  22. im so glad "Jawsh" played coolmath its such a blast from the past

  23. Also would you guys be willing to pick me up from the train station? I know this really awesome sandwich place across the street. If not I can Uber no problem.

  24. I'm now waiting for TheRussianBadger to be imprisoned for naming "Guacamole Gamer Fart 9000."

  25. Can’t wait for Jawsh to arrest TheRussianBadger

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