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I played and ranked EVERY nostalgic coolmath game

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this video includes the most nostalgic games like duck life, run, fireboy and watergirl, papa’s freezeria, or bloons tower defense

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0:00 intro
0:14 run
0:53 run 2
1:29 run 3
1:55 papas freezeria
2:38 bloxorz
3:11 b cubed
3:40 extreme parking mania
4:38 moto x3m
4:55 worlds hardest game
5:59 learn to fly
6:52 duck life
7:46 duck life 2
8:25 duck life 3
9:06 bloons
9:37 bloons tower defense 3
10:37 fireboy and watergirl
11:22 factory balls
11:52 iq ball
12:31 crazy taxi m-12
12:57 meeblings
13:25 boombot
13:41 snail bob 2
14:10 civiballs
14:29 feed fribbit colors
14:58 2048
15:25 sugar, sugar
15:50 snake
16:09 lemonade stand
16:45 rotate and roll
17:15 snorzees
17:49 cargo bridge
18:10 gluey
18:30 math man
19:03 wheely
19:29 outro


  1. memories from elementary school are being unlocked that haven’t seen the light of day in a while..

  2. my favourite papas game is papas pizzeria, i remember to tryharding to unlock all people and papa louie 2/3 banger

  3. You gave 2048 and snake a D i'm unsubscribing

  4. SNAIL BOB SHOULD BE S TIER!! Anyways dope vid as always 💪

  5. snorzees reminds me of a pc game that i remember playing (it has a feature to import an image to make a level)

  6. lets just say that this video is both nostalgic AND underrated.

  7. This is actually a cool video. Deserves way more attention

  8. this was actually quite nostalgic although i dont really remember most of the games near the end lol

  9. Great tier list!! Honestly this video was amazing!

  10. God, i remember playing snail bob when i was younger. Gosh was it so fun.

  11. Launch will you ever make that full video on seiko like how you said in the ice burg?

  12. banger vid, should be getting more views imo

  13. ain't no way he didn't give fireboy and watergirl an S

  14. Overall great tier list, but 2048 d tier?! That’s an easy S tier game. Also, the sugar game is an easy A tier imo, and the impossible game is also an easy S tier (I play geometry dash though lol)

  15. Oh, coolmathgames can't beat Kongregate, my most played website back when I was a child. It had way more flash games and it was less buggy than CoolMath.

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