Idle Startup Tycoon Walkthrough -

Idle Startup Tycoon Walkthrough

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You can play the game:

You only start with a programmer, engineer, and sales person. Click the programmer to work and bring the money to the engineer, click the engineer who will bring the money down to sales, and click the sales person to deposit the money!
When you earn enough money you can hire managers who will help keep your workers productive, new floors for more businesses, and more workers. When you see the green arrow, click it to upgrade your workers, businesses, and more.


  1. I have like 170 DT on there and it wont increase. So why wont it increase?

  2. How do u get this on phone I can't find it

  3. Do you know what to do when you hit max ipo and idle income?

  4. I have been playing this game about 3 days and my idle income is NAN which basically means infinity because NAN stands for Not A Number. I'm just godlyy

  5. If anyone here plays this, what is your Idle Income?

  6. hey, how do you collect your idle income?
    or do you just spend it if you go broke?

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