Ima do a stuff (Most swag christmas special) -

Ima do a stuff (Most swag christmas special)

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Oh wat. I was recording the whole time?

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Also I dont own any of the music in the video they all go to there
rightful owners. If we can get more then 15 views there could be a possible
part 2! Well if you liked it so much.

Games that were played:
Toontown infinite source (In order to play you need to get a thew other programs so heres the tutorial)

Worlds hardest game

Worlds easiest game

Swag man
(I cant find it cause I searched something like this up: SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG MAN MAN OH YEAh swaG MAN!!1!1)


  1. I think you need a stress all : / nope ok

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  4. you KNOE you are playing the worlds hardest game SWAG

  5. OK you still do not KNOE me 😔😐😔😒

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