Jeffro Plays Coolmath Games - Animal Raceway - Best Game Ever? -

Jeffro Plays Coolmath Games – Animal Raceway – Best Game Ever?

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Lol this shit it so random. BUT AWESOME!
ruining peoples childhood.


  1. You don't have to click all of the keys ar the sane time

  2. I beat the game so I will tell the way I beat this game was first you know how you start off with 300 dollars you do heath 3 times then you and see if you make it to 100 heath and then you start the race and that first race you will be shore not to get fifth and try to get into the quickest race for a better chance of winning. the shark is a good choice.

  3. then after I did speed and stamina but do stamina first cause you do not want to run out of energy in the middle of the race but it is ok if it is a long race and It is like 600m that just means you have got to do it more. but when you get in the next divison you have to focus on reactions and speed cause if you do not have that down they can get far ahead and just to tell you there is 4 leagues.

  4. All that I can say is the last one was the hardest but I came in 1st

  5. if you fall in the middle of the race you will need agitlay and you also need it to jump over the huddles faster so everything has a purpose

  6. Awesome game I love to play with my pet penis

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