Nostalgic games we played in school - (Minecraft, Bloons TD, CoolMathGames) -

Nostalgic games we played in school – (Minecraft, Bloons TD, CoolMathGames)

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0:00 Intro
1:03 Multiplayer games
3:39 Flash games
6:30 .exe games
9:39 the future of video games at school
11:01 Outro + thank you

Thank you so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed. What was your favorite “school library game”? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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  1. Bloons, Papas -eria, Vex and Fireboy and Watergirl went hard.

  2. For me all the game websites were blocked, so I had to make my own XD (It was also chromebooks & I still update it to this day)

  3. Once I deleted all my schools files in the computer lab my computer teacher was mad 😤😤😤😤

  4. This is extremely underrated, more people need to see this since these are well written videos about nosltagia

  5. Awesome video man! This brought back so many memories! So I am too old to remember those particular games, for me it was playing sim city, or the original GTA during computer lab during the super easy assignments.

  6. really enjoyed, genuinely surprised by the quality, earned a sub from me.

  7. This brings back memories to when I used to bring my pirated copy of San Andreas to school on a thumb drive. I had the multiplayer client, it was so much fun. Really well made video as always, can't wait until you reach 1000 subs!

  8. I remember playing Minecraft during lunch in like 2013-2014 it was awesome.

  9. This was nostalgic, but I am so deeply and personally offended that Poptropica was not on this list 😤😤😤 in 3rd grade we had to go to this sketchy website where poptropica was unblocked and like 4 guys would stand guard while one guy would take his turn playing 😂 the underground poptropica ring was bussin. Great video! Can’t wait to see you hit 1000!

  10. fun fact: you can have the experience of the original of Ace of Spades on roblox ( yes I'm serious lol)

  11. I remember playing windows xp pinball, that game was a banger

  12. This brings back alot of memories, like halo i used to play all the time and was probibly one of the main games that shaped my love for games. Awesome video my dude, almost at 1000 aswell!

  13. And now I feel old. I graduated HS before Minecraft was a thing, but right about when Halo was newish. High School 1 was a Macintosh heavy school, and before Internet was really a huge thing, so the library really wasn’t the hangout yet. But a few classes we had days where we were allowed to bring in our OG Xboxes, Gamecubes, and PlayStations. I had a laptop (one of a few kids with one) and we played the crap out of a free DDR clone.

    Second school, we had a few open labs and very restricted internet. We’d find every loophole we could to get around it to watch early YouTube, get on Facebook when you had to have a .edu address, and play some flash games (N comes to mind). But the big thing was that our dorms (public boarding school) were network connected to each other. Every night for two hours everyone would play Counter Strike, the original one. A cracked version floated around our shared folders, and you hear entire hallways murdering each other. So much fun.

  14. playing halo in school mustve been insanely fun, very high quality video btw

  15. Kids these day be paying for overpriced vtubers while we dined on the fine taste of duck life and Run 2

  16. I just came from the video of Bo's covers (awesome stuff again, by the way) but I'm seriously impressed with how much I enjoy your stuff. Keep it up!

  17. I was playing Halo CE before Minecraft was even a thing and everyone played the original bloons, before it was a TD

  18. its crazy, the music can almost be more nostalgic than gameplay itself

  19. We had the same Halo experience at my school but with Minecraft. The computer teacher and librarian HATED Minecraft haha

  20. Y8 and Newgrounds were both surprisingly unbanned at my school. So those like platforming scroll shooters were super popular

  21. damn this brings back memories lol, our school tried to block counter strike on our PC network but they just blocked the name. So we just right clicked and renamed it education strike and told them it was a completely different game xD good times

  22. Recently downloaded AGAR.IO and have been having a blast. Mobile games were big my freshman year

  23. The Binding of Isaac
    thank god teachers didn't notice or I would have definitely been questioned.

  24. You have great commentary 😂✨ very good voice

  25. Ah man, j remember play happy wheels on those computers

  26. Aah flash my childhood maker. Rip adobe flash. I will never forget you.

  27. This must be the later Gen Z version. For me it was late 90s Macintosh games like Bugdom, Otto Mattic, and Nanosoar. Also the old Tony Hawk games

  28. In my library we had 4 computers: 2 Lenovo desktops (windows 7 and XP) and 2 iMacs: a iMac G5 and a unibody iMac. I would spend hours playing some maths games on that 1 G5.

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