Play This Game or DIE! | Coolmath Games ARG -

Play This Game or DIE! | Coolmath Games ARG

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This episode’s been a long time coming… we’re going into the Cool Math Games ARG and finding the LORE! Today, we have Amy, the Creative Director of Style Theory, on the couch with us to solve these puzzles and crack open the secrets of this nostalgic website. Get ready, loyal Theorists. We’ve got some gaming to do.

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0:00 – The Witty Banter
10:33 – the birthplace of all true gamers
40:23 – The Witty Wrap Up

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  1. @GTLive I too use Caps Lock MattPatt

  2. I used to use caps lock when I was younger because that’s what I was taught first in school. And even when I learnt shift, it was a while before I learnt that I could HOLD shift, instead of having to press both keys in the same instant.
    Also, Coolmathgames was my childhood and so when I saw there was a hangman part, the balloons and monster weren’t surprising (it’s the main schtick of CMG’s Hangman game)

  3. I doubt you'll see this Matt but yes I also default to just the Caps button instead of shift

  4. Dunno why but hearing MattPat say "Werehog" made my neurons activate.

  5. Honestly thank you so much for the description of how you type Mat because i think that is how I type. It was kind of an "Oh! That's what I do!" revelation moment when it was brought up lol although I do use the pinky finger for the shift key so I'm not sure if that counts or not.

  6. Im SORRY?? Coolmathgames? Like, the website for elementary-middle schoolers?

    What a strange timeline this is…

  7. Don’t worry Mat I use caps lock you’re not alone.

  8. "im on cool math games😊" me playing the "LOGIC" section ifykyk😂😂

  9. As someone else who uses caps lock instead of shifting I feel seen and heard 💀

  10. Day 3 of asking Matpat to read every fnaf book on a livestream and going slowly insane.

  11. i use three finger while typing but i use my pinkie finger when im using caps lock and my thumb finger for space

  12. Back in elemetary school, there was this one math game were you were exploring egypt, was pretty fun tbh

  13. Coolmathgames gives me massive nostalgia. I loved it growin up.

  14. Matpat being a caps lock person hurts my heart 💔

  15. Lol I found it funny in the end it just being a first person hang man game.

  16. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only person that capitalizes letters with CapsLock

  17. Am I the only one who thought Stephanie hit her emo phase

  18. ive been waiting for this video!!! im so invested in this arg

  19. GTlive play the coffin of Andy and Lele NOW!

  20. I'm jumping into Mat's defence here, I also rapidly hit backspace with 2 fingers when I need to delete a lot of stuff. Usually I'll do the classic Ctrl + Shift + Left to highlight then delete, but sometimes the rapid hits just feels different.
    I will not defend the caps lock behaviour, that's psychotic.

    Maybe my European is showing, but Wi-Fi on flights sounds horrible to me. The best part about flying is that you're disconnected from the outside world, you have an excuse to be entirely unreachable for several hours, it's absolutely bliss.

  21. I am once again asking for Outcore part 2

  22. why do feel like I'm in the tight zone and I always feel like somebody watching me

  23. I would never in forever believed if someone told me CoolMathGames had an ARG we truly are in the best timeline

  24. cold open reactions are so fake lol it's laughable.

  25. and this was the day that they created a position for HR.

  26. I saw that and had no idea what it was. My friend and I spent an entire class period not doing work, but figuring that out. It was fun.

  27. Dance Mat typing is a good silly game for touch typing lmao. (its on the BBC website)

  28. I mostly use shift but when im having especially a good day i use caps lock. Caps lock is just so fun while shift is so stressful

  29. Weird cross over between GTLive mattpatt and F**kFace Andrew on caps lock

  30. I created that website – Mr BEAAAAN

  31. I use caps lock to capitalize mat
    You are seen

  32. Should the intro be redone to have Amy instead of Steph now? Or Ash.
    Find some way to have MatPat and a disembodied voice in a montage.

  33. idk if its just me but, from body language i feel like Amy acts like a repelling magnet from matt idk unconsciously i see it, anything happened? Lots of love to all the theorist, amazing high quality videos

  34. Holy moly, I haven't heard of CoolMath since I was in middle school in the early 2000s 😅

  35. Haha, Amy distancing from mattpat🤣

  36. Day 68 of starting my petition to get MatPat to play In Sound Mind. You can check all his previous videos in the comments. I am determined

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