POV: You grew up watching.. #shorts #starwars #memes #gigachad #gigachadmeme #viral #trend #fyp - gameserbs.com

POV: You grew up watching.. #shorts #starwars #memes #gigachad #gigachadmeme #viral #trend #fyp

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  1. Alternate title: making fun of kids for being alive at that time

  2. I remember day before force awakens everybody at school was speculating like maybe we see luke maybe han solo. We all got disappointed. Yes we saw all of them but we saw luke as grumpy old man. And solo died

  3. Me who didn't watch any star wars movies:
    Yes very sad, anyways

  4. Dude… STFU and let people watch what they want

  5. I have never seen star wars and 2 im not into space themed movie.

  6. I have seen all of the franchise and the Rey movies were not bad and Kylo was a good villain and if you disagree you are a biased fan of Darth Vader nothing else star wars is dead it just reusable character on and on and acts like it is good content all though obi show was good and Mando everything Else is dead

  7. Real giga Chad: "it doesn't matter what movie you watch, watch what you love"

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