Red Walkthrough Bart Bonte Puzzle For Cool Math Games -

Red Walkthrough Bart Bonte Puzzle For Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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Another puzzle from Bart Bonte on the Cool Math Games. After playing the Yellow games appears the Red game. The games are similar, but on the other hand each game has its own unique puzzles. The goal of each of the 25 levels is to make the whole field red. Each puzzle has its own logic and the most interesting to understand what it is. his is a web version of the game, there is still an expanded game for mobile devices, in which 50 levels.
I missed level 22 , it is here now:


  1. l like that in what they want why's but it's still the best of red velvet cookie run kingdom

  2. Why'd You Skip Level 22?! I Really Needed Help On That Level!!

  3. I loooove this song, who is it? I must know, someone please!!! Help

  4. You literally skipped level 22. Whats the point of this vid than

  5. It’s sad that you can’t play this on phone

  6. I really like the soundtrack of the game!!!

  7. level 13 walktrhough isnt working for me help what do it do

  8. i figured out level 22 its like chess, the arms tell you where to go, the long end of the arm = two spaces , the short end of the arm = one space. the dot represents where u started ! Good luck!!!!!!

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