Remember CoolMath Games? -

Remember CoolMath Games?

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CoolMath Games is a website that many many people have grown up with over the years. And today, I’m finally gonna make a CoolMath Games video of my own. So come with me as I take a deep dive into the old, the new, and the nostalgic as I take a look at Cool Math Games.

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0:00 – Intro
0:59 – The Run Series
3:38 – Fire Boy and Water Girl
4:18 – Duck Life
5:10 – Intermission
5:23 – OvO
6:14 – Scribble
7:05 – Table Tanks
8:49 – Why CoolMathGames is so nostalgic
Music Used (In Order)

T3rr0r Music Playlist:

Dancing Polish Cow (inst)
Prism Age – Plural
Fire Boy and Water Girl Theme
Subway Surfers Theme
Punch Out Wii Theme
Soul and Mind – E’s Jammy Jam
Pictochat – SSBU
PvZ OST – Mini Games
WCEP – Relbest (inst)
Extinction Event Horizon – HL2
Erik Satie – Gymnopedie No. 1
Flat Zone – SSBM


  1. Hello A Gacha is out side your house and that’s me

  2. シsᴇʀɪᴀʟ ᴅᴇsɪɢɴᴀᴛᴇᴅ ɴシ says:

    lol we had poki cool math games but they got blocked by a fucking thing called go guardian

  3. Last year I was stuck playing Duck Life 1, 2, 3 and 4, and had no idea that Wix (the devs) made 3 more games, Space, Battle, and Adventure. Duck Life Adventure is probably the best duck life game I’ve ever played and is incredibly underrated.

  4. Whoever named this website into tricking teachers that this is an educational website is an absolute genius in my book.

  5. I was the only kid in school that hated coolmath.
    edit: may of the coolmath games have actually been turned into full games on their own, like fireboy and watergirl

  6. You can use websites that are blocked on wifis using proxies

  7. Of course I remember it , I still play it with the bros at school

  8. In duck life, what about the other series games, like duck life 2 where it introduced climbing

  9. sometimes when we are all done with are work at my school we play cool math games

  10. You committed blasphemy not covering My boy Jonny upgrade.

  11. Yep I remember CoolMathGames
    I always was Playing Run at School all the time
    Hmm 7 or 8 years ago yeah that was the Good Times
    Also the only reason I liked School was because of CoolMathGames
    Anyway Great Video❤️Love You Ian/T3rr0r

  12. Praise cool math
    ogs : run fire boy lava girl and checkers and much more memories.

  13. I played that one motocross whatever game when coolmathgames still existed.

  14. ok but what about hooda math? i mean it lost a lot of its flash catalog but it still has a lot of good games

  15. I was literally playing run 3 like Friday at school. And played the duck life games in class too

  16. As someone who's grown up being a god of procrastination, wasting collective hours on end completing these various' game's levels instead of doing anything productive in class, I salute you.

  17. You gotta try road of the dead and it trilogy, it was the best and badass zombie driving game ever.

  18. A browser game that deserves to grow that would be fun in school is Mario Kart PC it feels nice to play on and deserves more


  20. If course I remember Coolmathgames. I'm mutuals with them on Twitter

  21. It’s sad because I can’t play that because they blocked it

  22. Bro I used to play run 3 and I would pass everyone on it and be called sometimes a legend at it

  23. My favorite game when I played this had to be Jacksmith.

  24. I remember my school back in 2020 banned cool math because LOW EDUCATIONAL VALUE

  25. Any body finish ovo hard mode? I got to the final level of the portal segment but couldn't finish

  26. I remember coolmath from the days of elementary school i did like it but i was not that all in to it i was more into playing roblox or minecraft back then but seeing this makes my nostalgia kick in

  27. Anyone remember factory balls?

  28. No, because in the Netherlands we had 3 other flash game websites that are still active to this day

  29. My school has literally every website you imagined blocked. Naturally, kids started hunting for proxies that weren't blocked and there was a black market of them. I made like $100 off that lol.

  30. The school decided that if we had any games it’ll let us have it for a little bit then block it but cool math games is the only game that’s never been blocked scratch also but that kind of sucks

  31. error with duck life: you use coins for buying energy pebbles, not for getting stats

  32. Run 3-: RUN. badadadadadadadadadadaaddaaddaada Bdadadadadadadadaddadadada

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