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Returning to CoolMathGames

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My favorite sitcom

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  1. I genuinely thought this was a maths games website

  2. I wish human technology like this worked underwater so me and my fish friends could use it

  3. it only recently changed btw like 3 years ago it was still the same as the old times

  4. Me and my friends call it cool meth games because we were addicted to it 😏😏

  5. My school had had club penguin unblocked for the longest time, so that was what everyone played.

  6. I was drinking Pepsi from a wine glass when you said some people believe the creator was god himself

  7. Bro purple grapple guy though 😩
    I miss em.. 😞😞

  8. Lol these videos keep giving me so much nostalgia

  9. Hey there's a dinghy Bloons Tower Defense 5 a used to be free of course I do I play the my my free time on it it was an actual fun game I liked it

  10. Swords and Sandals was what I played when the teachers weren’t looking

  11. A true man would know how to get 10 towers in the smallest area

  12. I remember being the best at B-Cubed. We held a class competition and I won by a long shot. Unfortunately, I was never able to beat the final level.

  13. Name: Runner
    Gender: Female
    First Appearance: Run
    Actions After the Video: After being misnamed and confused with Skater multiple times, she decided to fake her death and return to mapping out tunnels

    Name: Skater
    Gender: Male
    First Appearance: Run (Kongregate version)
    Actions After the Video: After being outsped on rollerskates by a tiny duck on foot, he adopted the fake identity of runner and opened an italian restaurant

    Name: ???
    Gender: ???
    First Appearance: IQ Ball
    Actions After the Video: Bought a CoolMathGames membership and became the tyrannical ruler of the site, was sealed in the final levels of Run 2 forever

    Name: 2×1
    Gender: Male
    First Appearance: Bloxorz
    Actions After the Video: Joined the marines, earned a metal of honor after sacrificing his life to save his comrades

    Name: Bike Guy
    Gender: Male
    First Appearance: Moto X3M
    Actions After the Video: Has attempted to sue Ilyx for not giving his game a section in the video, case is still ongoing

    Name: Dart Monkey
    Gender: Male
    First Appearance: Bloons (NOT Bloons: Tower Defense)
    Actions After the Video: Started a podcast where he reads Wikipedia articles

    Name: Last Duck
    Gender: ???
    First Appearance: Duck Life
    Actions After the Video: Kidnapped and put on electric hamster wheel, Gravity Duck and Horse-Sized Duck are planning to break it out


  15. Too bad cool math game sucks even more now and has ads

  16. i was the fucker that completed both modes of run 2 with the 12 secret lvls as well. played run 2 so much i could 0 to 100% in 20 minutes

  17. I miss playing cool math in the computer lab

  18. I’d never heard of this site but my niece showed it to me the other day.

    Apparently schools still aren’t wise

  19. in my school cool math games is blocked after years of it not being blocked

  20. I remember in 2nd grade, we would do intervention and one class was free time so we played cool math. I remember playing jelly truck and awesome tanks 1 and 2…


    Also I would play on my Mom’s laptop

  21. cool math was that one website that teachers thought you were learning but wasn’t lol

  22. Ow you have to watch an ad to go in full screen, I am just gonna go back to unblocked google sites

  23. My school did eventually ban Coolmathgames, but only actually banned the link to the overall games page. You could still go to the main page, and if you scrolled to the bottom, there were still several games. You could click on any of them and then click the link for the game glossary. Love how bad at computers administration was.

  24. I used to play this when I was in the 2nd grade but now it’s blocked😢

  25. Excited to announce I’m going to be the next guest on the bloons monkey podcast

  26. Fun fact: BTD6 existed in 2019

  27. There should be a 2000's nostalgia social studies class so we could play Cool Math games. Change my mind.

  28. My school learned of it and they basically banned it

  29. At my school I was knows as "the run god" because I was so good at run 2.

  30. Everybody my school still plays it

  31. I hate when students tell the sub it’s not actually math. One time this happened every single person just stared at them

  32. Can someone please tell me what the music in the beginning is?

  33. Some students still play Cool Math Games in my current Middle School. Although I've seen them play Google Snake so that's becoming the new Cool Math Games

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