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Today we are going to be revisiting coolmathgames most popular titles. This video took me over 2 weeks to make so please watch to the end 🙂

Diagdig – Steventhedreamer

Fireboy and Watergirl 1 OST

Run 3 – Void

Awesome tanks MENU music

Ninja painter 1 soundtrack

0:00 – Intro
0:49 – Fireboy and Watergirl
2:45 – Run 3
4:56 – Awesome Tanks
6:53 – Ninja Painter
8:34 – Outro


  1. My highschool has cool math games blocked and life has been downhill ever since

  2. Anybody remember a game called Don’t Look Back?

  3. True chads play Fireboy and Watergirl Single Player. Left hand on WASD, right hand on Arrows. Master of multitasking, here!

  4. Yah seriously who tf has completed the campaign like bro shit takes a long time to finish

  5. I'll always remember coming home after school to play cool math games with my siblings and a close friend of theirs

  6. I remember there was a satisfying golf game on cool math that I used to play, but the problem is I don't remember it's name

  7. surprised you didn't talk about the learn to fly series that game was fun as hell

  8. I played "Jump n' Bump" on there back in 2009. It is no longer accessible due to flash player no longer existing

  9. me and the boys speedrunning learn to fly 3

  10. great vid but i hate the way you explained run 3

  11. I remember the days of beating all my friends in run. Memorys… but then my principal blocked it.

  12. you should of put one of the btd games on there

  13. Moro 3xm is one of my favorite games on coolmath games. I played it all the time at school, might play it again. I also always see this one kid or more playing run

  14. Awesome planes was my favorite game in coolmath before it was shut down along with several other games

  15. BRUH I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN THE GIRL FELL IN LAVA🤣🤣🤣i am gonna go to hell am i well 🤬🤬🤬 f

  16. Our school banned coolmathgames and teachers can have certain websites banned whenever you have that class. For example, I can't use YouTube during 4th hour because she banned it then, but I can use it any other hour

  17. I’m a pretty ancient dude by this point, but even I remember this site! Also, space does in fact have gravity — Not only that but it also has weather! It’s actually kind of weird up there. There’s even a planet made entirely of diamond.

  18. Indian guy who watches too much anime says:

    I used to be addicted to this game called zombotron. Everyday, i used to come back from school during 4th grade, boot up the old family pc and just play the levels over and over again. It had a planned sequel and idk if it has come out or not. That game just made my childhood

  19. You should talk about Big Tower Tiny Square!

  20. I completed all levels in fireboy and watergirl till fireboy and watergirl 5

  21. I remember one where you played as a fat dude trying to get to a burger place before closing

  22. I hate that Sticky Ninja Academy gets no respect in the fandom. It's easily the best Coolmath game.

  23. Bro in my elementary schools barely anything got banned you could play on like crazy games with original Minecraft ,silver games with doom 1 and doom 2 and we had MINECRAFT EDUCATION EDITION

  24. Has anybody else played A10 instead of cool math games?

  25. My school blocked cool math, but we still have sites like Tyrone's unblocked games

  26. Can't go wrong with Thing Thing (& Thing Thing 2), Boombot, and Bloons Tower Defense.

  27. I remember going into my aunt's computer cafe and typing y8 in google chrome and a bunch of these cool games appear

  28. Me and my sister were a great duo in fireboy and watergirl. And we finished the forest and temple games 100%.

  29. Does anyone know that one cool math game where these basically stick figures try to escape prison with puzzles throughout it and one of the games was at school?

  30. Schools started to notice the website isn’t about math, CoolMathGames is blocked at my school.

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