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Rotate Game Full Walkthrough Armorgames

Puzzle Walkthrough
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Rotate is an excellent logical platformer with well-designed levels. The main character can change the direction of gravity except running and jumping. On each of the levels you need to walk from the front door to the other. The goal of the game is to get out of the labyrinth and get freedom. Yes, and in the game there is a cat that we want to catch. Is it possible to catch a cat?
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  1. Everybody gangsta 'til "I look forward to the harvest."

  2. I tried this out on Poki and I may do a video of it there soon

  3. lemme gues thew acheivement seven or less is seven deaths or less or its seven minutes or less

  4. Nice game dude. Gotta say…lvl11 fucked me.

  5. You watching a walkthrough and doing a walkthrough

  6. Got stuck really hard at F-11 (6:44). Something was telling me I needed that bar closed, but I both couldn't quite comprehend how to use that information or fully convince myself that was right…. Thanks!

    1.It lets you walk around after you beat the game,but there would only be animals since you are in a forest.
    2.It lets you catch the cat,who is in fact yours ,but you just did not tell the narrator that fact.
    3.You exit the forest,it may let you walk there with the character,it may be a cutscene.After that you find your home town/country/home.May be a cutscene,again.

  8. Does anyone know where you can find levels after you make them in the level creator?

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