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  1. I’m in love with Run 3 unblocked , especially when I get to play it at 1344 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112, USA, different experiences for sure.

  2. Sorry mate, but you’re not the best at the game. Maybe a little practice could help make the gameplay more enjoyable to watch?

  3. This game used to be popular in my class but after I started this game, everyone stopped playing because it was boring. And I was starting to be a little bit of a pro of Run 3

  4. When this game came out i started crying for a reason

  5. I used to play this game in my school cuz our teacher let it let us play it

  6. Hey dude you do not know the chief meant on the second level you were on guess what you could have jumped off the side and gotten back in and then you confirmed in enchantments that could have got you another person

  7. In my school I started the trend of run three and everyone asks me to help because I've completed all secret levels and the normal ones and everyone else is in level 24 -30 when I'm level T-7 I'm going to tell you a story on how everyone found out my lvl was so high

    So I was in class on the computers playing run three and this kid comes up to me and challenges me to a race on run he was the best in class (know one knew i was way better ) everyone told me to challenge him I said ok he was like your goona get rekt it was a race to level 20 he reset his levels and I borrowed another kids computer the race started he died once I was already on level 6 without dying he was like noob thinking he was destroying me and I was on level19 he was only on 4 I say done without any deaths I shown him my level by pausing it he was shocked then asked if he could see my computer on my account to see what level I was on he said T-7!qnd the whole class were shocked he was only on level 30 and is currently on level 32 and there's another story about destroying the whole class all of there levels combined vs me I used another kid who was absents account to do it and I was on level 10 after around seven seconds they altogether were on level 30 beating me I rushed ahead after around 30 minutes I was on level T-6 and they altogether were on level 70 because some people just went on run 1 and I got to level T-7 and then turned the computer off (it didn't have flash but mine did ) so yea that's all

  8. Ahh yes cool math games where one of my friends watched pornhub and got suspended and they banned coolmathgames at our elementary

  9. Run 3 is easy to play and easy to control all my friends love it :), this game will let you sit your room playing it over an hour on 88kgames…..

  10. You should start an esports team of elite Run 3 players bro

  11. The music sounds like Monstercat songs.


  13. yes, you could say i'm a gamer. i also upload my run 3 gameplay to youtube.

  14. I play this game on my school computer I just got a gaming keyboard and mouse for it for it can be better

  15. This sounds like a fnf song winter horror land for some reason the beginning of the music

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