Saving Coolmath Games -

Saving Coolmath Games

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  1. Man’s getting his childhood back

    Nothing here

  2. Yall's teachers really didn't like coolmath games huh? our tech teachers don't care lol

  3. Legit every time my friends find a game that's not blocked within a week it's just gone.

  4. 6:22 I love how it’s speedboats and rafts with thugs on them and the main character’s dialogue of who they are is “City Folk!”

  5. they will always be called flash games. period.

  6. Alright, here are some that I remember playing:

    Big Time Butter Baron (was my favorite)
    Paint Ninja
    the one with the snail
    that rectangle one

  7. It’s almost like 2022 and cool math games has not been shut down yet. Ps sorry for the spacing my iPhone did it.

  8. Bro this guy is saying childsplay as he's a 22 year old man

  9. On solitaire he had a queen of spades I think and had a 10 of diamonds at the end so he could’ve gone further

  10. Fun Fact: you can put "/play" at the end of almost any coolmath game link, and it'll go fullscreen.

  11. I remember playing the shit outta Run 2 back in 2011-12 when I was in 7th grade

  12. I would rather have had cool math shut down than have had the past three years tbh.

  13. Little does he know now they have blocked all games including coolmath sadly😔

  14. Ohhh smiity… cool math games?! You better do papa’s restaurant

  15. I remember my entire class lied, we even convinced the teachers pet to, and we convinced our 4th grade teacher that it was actual math games so she gave us 20 minutes each day dedicated to playing coolmath games because she thought they were actual math games and she sat in the back of the classroom grading the whole time we played. I have no idea if she knew and let us play anyways, or if she genuinely didn’t know. Either way, I loved 4th grade.

  16. Please go play ltf3 (Learn to fly 3)

  17. I was born late into gen z, so this is like my elementary 5th grade days.

  18. Welp I'm a future person and I've still got it so don't worry smitty

  19. 2:47 he dies in that game yea
    SMII7y: yea im bored to the next game

  20. well it's 2022 and it's still up and running.

  21. Middle school life's I played cool math games in elementary school

  22. damn, did you not play the parking games as a kid? did you play any games off of miniclip?

  23. oh dont worry i used to play this instead of school work too lmao

  24. Yes, I’m watching this 2 years later. I’m just glad u played Jelly Truck. I loved that game

  25. My favorite game I would always play on Cool Math Games was snake

  26. Smitty your 1 year younger then me. I recognize alot of these games

  27. This is bringing back memories of elementary school

  28. Does anyone know that one cool math game where these basically stick figures try to escape prison with puzzles throughout it and one of the games was at school?

  29. Why is your dog named after an old skoda

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