SuperMega Plays COOL MATH GAMES -


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only the realest remember cool math games 😉
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  1. Awesome Planes is the best cool math game brother

  2. Godddammit that intro made my heart skip a beat. fuckers.

  3. Erm. Matt Watson states That 4d chess didnt exist, but it was clearly shown in the Big Bang theory, I thought he was a real fan, explain That.

  4. "Super Mega Wins Baby"

    What're you gonna do with it?

  5. "How 'bout I move the squid"
    -Math Twatson

  6. Why does Ryan not even going for pars in the first game make SO irrationally angry?

  7. Anyone else thrown off on how Ryan said Caribbean first?

  8. Why did none of this guys understand they're respective games

  9. Crazy to think I may have fought Jackson in Medabots.

  10. Marina in Splatoon 2 is 18, it's all fair game

  11. my autoplay was on and i didnt realize it, my volume was all the way up so the PH theme song just blasted through my laptop speakers.

  12. oh my god the sniff at the very end kiiiiilled me

  13. I can’t believe none of them acknowledged Jackson’s sick apple pen joke

  14. Speaking flash games, does anyone remember that flash game where youre a boy with a hammer and some squid dude steals your friend? Like his legs are that of an octopus and hes a scientist

  15. I remember setting im my high school's gym when this video came out. No intro will ever scare me so bad ever again

  16. tiananmen square?? whats that??? PRAISE THE CCP <3 GLORY TO XI JINPING!!!!

  17. def wasn’t in the bathroom, alone, when that intro popped up

  18. I love it when Matt gives positive affirmations to Ryan

  19. When thinking back to old games I always forget about flash, Sherwood Dungeon was my favorite, then there's a bunch I wish I remembered the names of.

  20. jackson drop your fuckin little big planet lvls

  21. Cool what , only the cool kids played Funbrain games.

  22. I love how Ryan is absolutely tripping balls in the thumbnail

  23. Screw you guys for the hub opening theme, my volume was so loud😂

  24. Whoever made that intro, I hate you so much

  25. Bro I’m at work why did you guys have that as the intro

  26. it’s kinda hard to watch pre-embezzlement jackson and supermega

  27. What a sweet young group of boys! I sure hope one of them doesn't, embezzle $60,000

  28. I had my speakers on at home and my door slightly creaked and my god you fuckers.

  29. 17:25 “You know how many costumes you can buy with the SuperMega Patreon money”

  30. Jackson out here playing cool math games with the budget

  31. I can't believe they covered up wormgate like it was nothing, now people are gonna think I'm crazy

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