SuperMega Plays COOL MATH GAMES -


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only the realest remember cool math games 😉
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  1. Man, if those squids were real Matt would be in some deep doo doo

  2. i fucking hate it here and im only 5 seconds in

  3. I still play Super Santa Kicker to this day-

  4. Anybody remember animal run? They’d have the funniest randomized names. I pissed myself laughing

  5. Jacksmith is the shit! best flash game lol or the lemonade stand one

  6. im so glad no one was home when i clicked on this video jesus christ you're trying to end lives

  7. They started talking about Matt's squid hentai addiction and I started reading the comments and when I came back Matt was still arguing they were of age

  8. I'm so glad someone else remembers Millsberry. Thought it might have been a fever dream because no one else seems to remember it😂

  9. my phone was glitching while i was watching supermega and it just wouldn't stop messing with the screen
    the intro completely scared me

  10. I’ve watched this video like 15 times and I have NEVER seen the slicing game part at the beginning of the video. Maybe I looked away or had it on in the background for that part each time I watched it but Right now I was like ???? Was this part always here???

  11. I'm a cuck because seeing Ryan suck at the slice game was actually a little annoying

  12. You guys are so lucky. I don’t have a gaming pc so I can’t play cool math games 🙁

  13. Watching Ryan play slice balls 2 was painful. Legit painful. I cringed the whole time. I’m a slice balls 1 and 2 state of Michigan regional champion and, my god, everything was bad.
    His form: bad. His movement: bad. His brain: bad. I hate to say it but I’m unsubbing, blocking, disliking, and reporting this video for abuse. Yeah, that’s how bad it was buddy.

  14. I accidentally clicked on this in front of my entire family. At max volume. Thanks!

  15. Thank god I lowered the volume before the video started. My volume was ALL THE WAY UP.

  16. lmao i had my phone on high volume when the intro started, hope no one heard that 🤫🤫🤭

  17. You guys should play the papas games they're on cool math

  18. The video that started it all for me. It’s been about a year and a half now and thank god I found y’all. Keep up the good work.

  19. classic episode where the gang outs themselves for having some kind of brain problems

  20. C&M in splat 2 are 19 and Marina & Pearl are 18 and 21

  21. Ryan's ignorance almost caused me to unsubscribe.

  22. I'm cleaning and have vids on auto play, I wasn't paying attention while doing dishes, and comedically juggle dropped a glass when the intro played

  23. damn, I really wanted them to play Grab Them By The Eyes

    Only me? Okay…

  24. Who else rewatches this like every other month?

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