The Bizarre Lore of CoolMath Games (And Papa's Games) -

The Bizarre Lore of CoolMath Games (And Papa’s Games)

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To celebrate 100k subscribers on YouTube, I go through the storylines of some of the top flash games found on ​@CoolmathGamesdotcom! I also might even take a gander at a certain ever iconic chef!

A lot of footage was taken from official walkthroughs from respective creators of these games, I highly recommend checking checking out anything that looks cool here!





⭐️Music Used (In Order)

~Character Select (Sonic Riders Zero Gravity)
~Where’s Iggy? (Moshi Monsters)
~Anaphora Falls (Scribblenauts)
~Retroville (Nicktoons Globs of Doom)
~PoptropiCon (Poptropica)
~Main Theme (Duck Life)
~Battle (Raft Wars)
~Main Theme (World’s Hardest Game)
~Main Theme (Fire Boy and Watergirl)
~Main Theme (Snail Bob 2)
~Suspense (Doom)
~Main Theme (Papa’s Burgeria)
~X-Zone (When Sundaes Attack)
~Main Theme (Bob the Robber)
~Main Theme (Cut the Rope)
~Shop 6 (Learn to Fly 3)
~Kauski (Johnny Upgrade)
~Main Menu (3 Pandas in Japan)
~New York (Cat Around The World)
~Toad Circuit (Mario Kart 7)
~Main Menu (Red Ball 4)
~Theme (Big Tower Tiny Square)
~Main Theme (Run 2)
~Pac Village (Pac-Man World 2)
~First Steps (Rayman)
~Title (Chameleon Twist)

0:00 Intro
0:59 Origins of CoolMath
1:36 98% of Games
4:25 Lemonade Stand
4:46 Duck Life
6:14 Raft Wars
7:10 World’s Hardest Game
7:21 Run
8:23 Fireboy and Watergirl
8:52 Hangman
9:16 Snail Bob
9:43 Papa’s Games
11:52 Bob The Robber
12:25 IQ Ball
12:44 Cut The Rope
13:04 Learn to Fly
13:37 Johnny Upgrade
13:55 60-Second Burger Run
14:09 Three Pandas
14:54 Cat Around The World
15:27 Wheely
16:18 Red Ball 4
16:39 Basket and Ball
16:43 Jelly Truck
16:49 Moto X3M
16:57 Big Tower Tiny Square
17:30 Crossbar Kevin
17:43 There Is No Game
17:50 Personal Favorites
19:00 Coolmath Games The Game!
19:50 Ending
20:53 A Big Ol’ Thank You

The Bizarre Lore of CoolMath Games (And Papa’s Games)t


  1. The game I use to play was a game called Dino run. Then suddenly one day it was gone and I looked for it endlessly until I found it on a random website and ahh I was happy again. It was a cute pixel art game of this yellow small Dino that you played as and your goal was to keep on running and avoid the Debri/upcoming disaster from the meteor that hit earth. The ending was always so cool. I love that game and forever will. I recommend people give it a look

  2. Ninja painter was my favorite game, it was the first time I played as a female character.

  3. I will hope a lore video of the bloons games will be made… There are already some places that compile facts about the games from the ninja kiwi blog posts on reddit but no comprehensive timeline of all the events in this universe (based on evidence) or anything like that

  4. I can't believe they actually said space chimps

  5. YES PLEASE do make a poptropica video! It was the game my whole class used to play when I was a kid.

  6. I wonder if he’ll do a addicting game’s video or y8

  7. Somebody make a video about "three pandas" and "the milk quest" pls. You will also have to make a video about those two games!
    It's like no one bats an eye, but some of us remember these games. Anyone, who likes the video, will make the videos explaining and talking about "three pandas" and "the milk quest"

  8. I was more of a Mini Clip kid during computer lab.

  9. Brio, why did I never noticed this, but the picture in the background is from his last vido, Rabbids. 0:1

  10. Talk about Poptropica
    Plz like my comment

  11. I played this in my primary school till these days…

  12. 20:20 I used to GRIND on Burrito Bison lol it was one of my favorites to play in school

  13. My Highschool blocked Cool Math Games and people are still pissed

  14. There was Coolmath Games, Funbrain and Poptropica, the holy trinity

  15. Snake do snake snake is the biggest part of it all. There was always lore to snake, please do it. I really like snake, please. Tell me the. Truth behind it.

  16. The lack of Ninja Painter and Factory Ball is a true crime

  17. I literally haven't been to the sight in years, but I think nows a good time to revisit for nostalgia

  18. Chutes and ladders episode aaaaaaaaggggggghhhhh

  19. we need a campaign for choopo to be in the next papa louie game

  20. im BEGGING you please talk about poptropica

  21. Y,all raise your hand if you played fire boy and water girl ✋

  22. Bro your a bit late for the summer school literally starts tomorrow idiot

  23. I am too old for all this. I am from the Math Munchers, and some rabbit. Idk. But the highlight of my computer lab memories includes Oragon Trail.

  24. How does he not know about wheely that series is fire

  25. There Is No Game is a full game now! It's called There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension. You guys should check it out if you liked the original game.

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