The History of Coolmath Games -

The History of Coolmath Games

Coolmath Games
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The origin story for the greatest website the Internet has ever known 💙
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  1. When I was in 6th grade, playing fireboy and watergirl together on the school computers meant you two were in a serious relationship 😂

  2. Br'ish cool math games be like: Splendid numeracy amusement

  3. I cannot express the gratitude I have for y'all. Y'all we're the only reason I was able to get through all those boring lectures and classes. Not to mentioned the fact that y'all started my gaming journey. I have the utmost respect for the creator and the team behind the maintenance of the website. Thank you for everything!

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  5. That is a Karen I respect. Cool math games was a great part of my childhood. ( •ᴗ•)7

  6. almost my whole class is playing cool math games

  7. Greatness
    [A condensed version]

  8. Some CoolLore for CoolMath!!
    As it should.

  9. The legendary site is going to be around for a long time and that a good thing


  11. I used to play on this website a LOT and I still do to this day when I get bored at school (obviously during break)

    I got sad when I found out I couldn't play most of the learn-to-fly games because those used to be my favorite ones. ESPECIALLY learn to fly 3

    This website changed my life completely

  12. Coolmath Games WAS my entire childhood. Nuf said

  13. This video gave me such nostalgia… THANK YOU FOR MAKING YOUR INSANE WEBSITE!!!

  14. been playing cool math since 1st grade (i’m in 9th grade now)

  15. This site is in the Internet Hall of Fame. And it deserves it 100%

  16. Cool Math might just be the best to ever do it

  17. Awesome Tanks 1 and 2 are my favorite games on coolmathgames

  18. Bro I remember playing the games on here in school

  19. Run 2 was actually later than the first, but was curated to Coolmath earlier.

  20. Can you guys please try to bring back raft wars

  21. I can’t to tell my kids about cool math games

  22. Yall legit started my gaming journey.

  23. Do you know there's a way that people can surpass your allow ads or join thing it's called HTML editing so you might want to try to find a way to fix that

  24. Can they put back flash games I never played the flash versions of run

  25. i love how the thumbnail is literally bill wurtz

  26. I still go on cool math everyday at school XD

  27. Only the real ones remember this

  28. The good days was 8 years ago

  29. ads for fullscreen must die and premium to stop da adz wat this isnt the og math gamez i remembermd

  30. I always thought the games were not maths just a strategy game website

  31. At my school it's been gone since 2018 because of inappropriate ads

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